Spring? Winter?


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My favorite picture from Facebook yesterday was this:




Saturday –

80 degrees and sunny –

Washed the car

Ran errands

Went for a walk

Sunny, bright and cheery

Enjoyed the weather.


Sunday –

60 degrees and rainy –

Revised class on moodle

Set up grade book

Selected learning activities

Dreary, dark and gloomy

Sent emails

Made lists.


Monday –

33 degrees and snow on the ground –

Dog would not go outside

Warmed up the car

Drug out the winter coat

Found gloves

Cold, bone-chilling and windy

Sent “snowy picture” to kids.


Tuesday morning –

Full moon and currently 26 degrees –

Predicted high in the 40’s.




Wait a day,

Wait an hour,

Wait a minute,

It WILL change!


What will tomorrow’s weather bring?


Is your spring weather unpredictable?  Warm?  Sunny?  Meeting your expectations?



13 responses

  1. We love when writing makes us laugh out loud! Thanks for starting our day with a laugh… it is sleeting here today.
    Clare and Tammy

    1. Thanks, Clare and Tammy!
      I am sorry that you have sleet; that is tricky if you are driving! Have to laugh; can’t change the weather.

  2. You captured this crazy weather week so well and showed how it really does affect what we do. It was warm all weekend in VA and I reflected on how wonderful it is to have Spring follow the coldness of winter. Yet a cold rain falls today and snow may fall here tomorrow. Can’t store away my winter coat yet! But I will remember how I felt Saturday and knowing I will be back to t-shirt and shorts soon gives me a lift! Hang in there!

    1. Thanks, Sally. Right now my winter coat feels like it is on the end of the old “yo-yo” string. The weather is what it is; the constant tug and pull of winter has seemed to last “all year” particularly this winter! I am ready to plant some flowers but not while frost continues to threaten!

  3. Beautiful weekend here in New Jersey. Drug out the cushions for the outdoor furniture
    and sat outside and enjoyed a glass of wine. Today rainy but typical for April in New Jersey. BUT I haven’t put the winter coat in the cedar closet yet.

    1. Glad you are having great weather! I didn’t look to see where this storm went because it may have ended around the Great Lakes. Love your cautionary “BUT!”

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. You captured the weather of the last few days well. It was hard to believe I was raking up the yard on Saturday admiring all the new growth beginning to emerge and “thinking” about shoveling on Sunday. I decided not to touch the shovel and let Mother Nature clean up her mess. She did a pretty good job by Monday AM.

    I keep remembering we had snow last MAY – but hoping we’ve seen the last of it this past weekend.


  5. LaTst May was scary . . . I hope there is no s*** this May. You are right that Mother Nature does often help out. Yesterday’s wind was a real shocker!

  6. Love the owl. LIving in California is an embarrassment in times like this. I wish I could share. My theory is those who live in cold weather climates have a lot more fortitude and community than us lightweights in in the warmer temps! You have to. Wondering if there are studies on this. Hang in there, it’s bound to get warmer!!

  7. The owl was perfect. I have to admit that California weather has looked good this winter. It has been so cold and snowy – yesterday covered the ground but typically it has seemed to “Dump Snow” in amounts of 4-6+ inches EVERY, single snowfall.

    And to top it off, we had a “county-wide burning ban” before our 2 inches because it was too dry. Strange after winter had such high precipitation!

    Thanks, Julieanne!

  8. Ha! Same goes for Ohio — if you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour!

    The quick shift inspired my poem here (hope you don’t mind me sharing!):

    1. Love your poem, Mary Lee, and especially how you framed it as a “prank” – We might as well pick out the humor!!!

      Thanks for sharing your poem!

  9. […] Previous posts about spring: 2018 and here, and 2014. […]

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