New York City: A Bit of Brooklyn

Another day of playing tourist in New York City involved visiting Brooklyn. Why Brooklyn?   Well, my name came from the character “Francie” in the book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith according to my mother.  Belief in a Tree of Heaven helped the Nolans through a variety of unfortunate circumstances.



It was interesting to think about the “Brooklyn” portrayed in the book and the Brooklyn of today.  As a tourist I saw:  nice homes, great food in a restaurant named “AlMar”, a long walk across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan and another totally different view of the New York City skyline!

What do you know about the Brooklyn Bridge?

The DOT has information about it here.  Keep in mind that it is 1.8 kilometers or 1.1 miles long and has a specific path for walkers and bicyclists as evidenced in this picture. 


With construction, folks stopping to take pictures and/or rest, the lanes were never that wide today.  This is also the beginning portion of the bridge.  My new learning for the day included the fact that this suspension bridge has some concrete flooring and some wooden flooring.  (Wooden suspension bridges remind me of the Royal Gorge – very bouncy and wide holes between each board.)  Heights are not my favorite thing so today was another exercise in perseverance and the fact that there is always something good in every event – today’s blessing was in the gorgeous weather, the company and the fabulous view of Manhattan.


Enjoying NYC – #TCRWP Writing Institute tomorrow!

What is your favorite view of Manhattan?

11 responses

  1. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my all-time favorites. Such a wonderful character to be named for! I’m glad you had such a great day, and am looking forward to your tweets tomorrow.

    1. Thanks! Lucy starts off the institute so I’m expecting a “barnburner” opening!

  2. Allison Jackson | Reply

    So impressed with your blogging right after each day’s events. Proud of you for doing something outside your comfort zone.

    1. Thanks, Allison, for being such a terrific guide again today! I so enjoy your company and your knowledge of NYC!

      And thanks for the compliment. I’m working on trying to organize my thinking more efficiently. I’m afraid that I’m really too old to be very metacognitive about my thinking. Not giving up; just realistic expectations!

      TCRWP tomorrow! So exciting!

  3. The weather looks beautiful! What a great adventure. I have only walked half way across the bridge, but always had designs on walking the whole thing. I think having a destination on the other side helps! I think my favorite look at Manhattan is from the ferry trip we took. ( An extremely touristy thing but a fun way to see the city.) I actually loved going under the Brooklyn Bridge. It is an amazing structure.

    I’ll be looking for your tweets tomorrow!

    1. The bridges and tunnels are amazing engineering feats! 4,000 people walking across the Brooklyn Bridge each day !!!

      Tell me more about your “half way”. Did you turn around and go back? I’m just not seeing this! (Way too visual here!)

  4. I tried to read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, but didn’t get far. I feel like I should try again. I have not been to the Brooklyn Bridge, but want to. I would love to go to Brooklyn in general. I have been to the Royal Gorge though! Yea for Colorado!

    1. Yay, Colorado! Nay, Royal Gorge, with 2 inch gap between every board!

      It is fun to revisit texts at different times to see if our view is the same. If our goal or purpose has changed, sometimes our response has also changed.

      Thanks for commenting, Sarah!

  5. Fran,
    I learned much about that beautiful bridge! Thank you for this lovely post! Got to feel it all over again tonight.

    1. Oh yes, and that book has been whispering to me for years now. Must order myself a Copy of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn!

      1. It’s so fun to see the different views. I wrote the informative view and Catherine wrote the narrative. Just another example of why collaboration and “different views” are so very important – even for us adults! 🙂

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