#SOL15: March Challenge Day 22 “Currently”

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Browsing through slices still in search of a topic

Thinking about slices previously written and slices yet to come.

Reading great introspective pieces like Dayna Wells Writes

Sipping that first cup of coffee and waiting for inspiration

Putting off the dreaded “grading papers” that are in need of attention

Watching the information about “passwords” on the Sunday Morning show

Wishing my car was “repaired” from the “deer damages” (see slices 20 Unexpected and 21 The Real Story)

Wondering if this draft of “Currently” which is a brainstorming piece may end up as my slice for today

Packing for my trip to Teachers College for the Saturday Reunion next weekend

Anticipating the “Great Learning” and renewed face to face friendships in NYC!

What are you doing, currently?


Check out the writers, readers and teachers here. Thanks to Stacey, Anna, Beth, Tara, Dana and Betsy at “Two Writing Teachers” for creating a place for us to share our work.  So grateful for this entire community of writers who also read, write and support each other!

44 responses

  1. OH!!!! I hope you have a great time at Teachers College. I want to go! I think we all work off of that current list.

    1. Thanks, Terrie!
      It will be a quick three day weekend but the re-focus and mindset will be exhilerating!

  2. Sometimes you just need to assess what is currently happening before moving into the next part of your day (grading papers?) How great that you get to return for a reunion workshop in NYC!

    1. Thanks for that affirmation, Lee Ann!

      I’m stuck between what I know I should do and what I want to do so I’m thinking I just need to alternate items from the two lists to be productive AND be happy with the results!

  3. I was watching the same news show this morning and thinking about passwords. Sometimes lists and view other posts can provide us with inspiration for our own writing.

    1. Darlene,
      With days between basketball games (Hawkeyes and UNI), I was really struggling for a “topic” this morning so I reverted back to this “Currently” format that I dearly love and now have multiple examples for models. I do have a computer that uses facial recognition . . .but there are some days where that picture scares me!

  4. I enjoyed reading your morning thoughts which offered so many seeds for stories. Have a wonderful time at TC. I was able to attend one summer and it was an amazing experience. I have yet to make it back for a reunion. Enjoy!

    1. I have been to two writing and reading institutes and continue to be amazed by how much more I have to learn! This will be my first reunion in person. I have followed several via twitter – so thankful for that access which has also helped me learn and grow exponentially!

  5. tcrwpliteracycoach | Reply

    I will be there too Fran maybe we can meet up?

    1. That would be fabulous! I know what TCRWP is like – cannot even imagine a Saturday reunion!

  6. Wish I could go next weekend but I’m presenting at a conference here in Virginia. Have fun!! Currently, I am commenting on about a million blogs. 🙂 (And avoiding grading…last week of the quarter!)

    1. Michelle,
      I read but forgot to comment. Maybe I was really trying to put grading off until the afternoon.

      Have fun presenting at your conference in Virginia! I can’t wait to hear you in person some day! ❤

  7. Currently: reading blogs, commenting, playing with new ideas. I like this format. Pausing to collect all the thoughts and emotions of one moment helps to clear the mind and move forward.

    1. This is my absolute favorite format for the March Challenge. So many possibilities!

  8. At the last minute, I decided to buy a train ticket to catch the early train (5:30am) from DC to NY this coming Sat! I’ll look for you at the Reunion. I am anticipating using your brainstorming idea NEXT Saturday as it will be hard to post while traveling. However, I KNOW I will have LOADS of new thoughts to comment on after a day at TCRWP. I always do! I’m impressed you are coming all the way from Iowa. Safe travels.

    1. Thanks, Sally!
      I have a tremendous rate on my flight so I decided to push the button and make reservations – so excited as friends from CA are also attending!

      Posting and traveling are sometimes challenging but internet at TCRWP is always fabulous so even a photo collage will work!

      Safe travels to you as well – give me a shout if you see me . . . can’t wait to connect with more folks!

  9. Well I am grading today for 45 report cards that are due this week! Good luck

    1. My grading is for a graduate class. I’ve read the work so I’ve seen the range. Now I need to go back, apply the rubric and provide comments that will encourage revision!

  10. Yes, you sometimes just have to take stock of where you are before you can move on. Somehow, once that is done everything else seems to fall into place.

    1. Yes! Exactly – that taking stock is kind of like an anchor – preparation for moving forward!

  11. loved the way you organized your slice! I can relate to waiting for inspiration to strike while reading through slices!

    1. Thanks, Sonja!
      It felt a bit like procrastination, but I’ve been working hard on “not pre-writing” all my slices as I now feel so guilty for all the “prompt responding” that I had students do! Voice and choice are so important in writing. I knew that but just didn’t know how to put it into action . . .or just didn’t quite trust the process!

  12. Hope your trip to Manhattan is successful. I graduated from TC/Columbia some years ago and am in the neighborhood on a fairly weekly basis. Looks like we’ll have great weather next weekend too. Hope you are able to make the most the Saturday workshops.

    1. Thanks, Mary Ann!
      The line up for the day is amazing. 100’s of quality choices . . . .all will be great!

  13. Great idea to brainstorm, Fran. I am glad that you will be at TC. Normally, I would be but not this Saturday. There is a Connected Educator Meet-up on Long Island that #NYEDChat moderators will be chatting from (live). I will be at the moderator table while others will be in the forum as live runners during the Q & A. I am also presenting a draft run of my colleagues and my ILA presentation for this summer. Have fun at the reunion.

    1. Carol,
      So close and yet so far away (channeling another Carol!)! Sounds like fun for you, too! Since I have not been there before on a reunion Saturday, I am looking forward to a day of FUN learning!

  14. Currently…catching up on some basketball scores, trying to talk my daughter into making an Animoto trailer (thanks to Holly Mueller), celebrating the fact that the winter parkas are in the dryer and the boots are in their storage bin…

    I’ll be visiting my daughter in Michigan next weekend, so I will miss TC. Have a wonderful time and blog about it!

    1. Love that you are putting winter away. I will leave my coat in the car until mid-April. There is always one last storm that seems to catch us by surprise!

      Darn. You will be almost in my neighborhood – 2 states away next weekend! Slices and blogs I am sure! Sorry to miss you!

  15. Currently reading blog posts and writing in my head today’s post. I love your list. Ideas like thinking about past slices. Enjoy the day.

    1. Thanks for commenting.

      I now feel more in control of my day as my blog post is done, I only need to comment on 10 more, my papers are graded, I have packed twice (carry on only for 3 days) and am now on the dreaded Laundry that didn’t make the list . . . 1 hour until outside and sunshine – time limited work now! 🙂

  16. Currently reading your slice and so many because I want to win the comment challenge. But what a great incentive to visit many blogs and enjoy!

    1. Margaret,
      The benefits of the comment challenge include: winning the prize, more ideas, new friends, and catching up with old friends. Great enjoyment!

  17. This is my first time to participate in Slice. I feel like I have so much to write about right now.

    1. Linsey,
      It’s only my second time for the March Challenge but I have been slicing on Tuesdays for awhile. There’s something about regular writing (and responses) that is quite addictive as well as getting easier as time progresses! ENJOY!

  18. Currently trying to get to 60. Planning on how I will be handling my parents tomorrow who are looking at assisted living. Packing up my books for some curriculum writing fun with the girls tomorrow at 7:30 am. xo nanc

    1. Changes are tough . . . one day at a time!

  19. Gosh, thank you Fran, for the pingback. I love these kind of slices. Feels like such intimate sharing of our worlds as SLICERS!

    And oh my gosh – you’re packing already? I’ve got lessons to give to try before I arrive. What a great week this will be.

    1. Dayna,
      Had to do first round of packing to see which bag would work – no checked bags for me!

  20. […] Finding new formats (yesterday’s “Since Last March” with a thank you to Erin Baker) brings me to today’s revival of “Currently”.  You can see last year’s post during the March Slicer Challenger of “Currently” here. […]

  21. […] “Currently” posts can be found here, here, and in the classroom […]

  22. Fran, you wrote in 2015, “Wondering if this draft of “Currently” which is a brainstorming piece may end up as my slice for today. It is 2020 and your format is still going strong today. Stay Safe.

    1. Thanks, Carol. It is a favorite of mine!

    2. Carol,
      So enjoy that some writing endures time! Thank you for reading those links! Peace and joy to you!

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