#SOL15: And so it begins . . .

A New Year

routine to do list

Preparation the night before:

Am I ready?



Writing utensils?

Other stuff?

What else?

Oh, yeah . . . Alarm set just in case.

Finally, to sleep.

keep calm and stay focused

Wide awake

Dim awareness

What am I supposed to remember?

What was that last thought before I fell to sleep?

Did I write it down?

Seriously . . .

Another hour until the alarm goes off

Quiet, peaceful

Low stress! (Oxymoron)

HAH!  My heart is beating with anticipation!



Too early?

Definitely early!

How will it go?

Check my list again


Smile on my face?

What emoticon or emoji best describes me?


A touch of trepidation . . .

And yet, also



Ready for fun

And yet, nervous – just a little!

unexpected road

It’s the first day of class

This new year

And I am the teacher.

Am I really ready?

“Good morning, and thank you for coming to school!”


What thoughts and feelings do you have the night before that first day of class?

Do you share those with your students?


Tuesday is the day to share a “Slice of Life” with Two Writing Teachers. Check out the writers, readers and teachers here. 

15 responses

  1. Kids think they are the only ones who approach a new year with excited trepidation, but your poem tells a tale many face at the start of a new year. I was always nervous until I saw their sparkling eyes and nervous smiles, then it was all good. Hope you have an exhilarating day!

    1. So, so true!
      Love thinking about the sparkling eyes (hopefully no panic)! It was very exhilerating!

  2. I think this will resonate with any teacher who reads it – I can never sleep well on the night before school, panicked about what I forgot to do and anxious about who my students will be. One year I was so out of sorts that I actually turned off my alarm and slept late! I made it to school two minutes before the first bell! I think the way you broke your thoughts down into a free verse poem, even with the different fonts, mirrors perfectly the mix of anxiety and anticipation.

    1. Thanks, Tricia.

      So many “possibilities” – always focused on the learning!

  3. What a perfect description of returning to school! Welcome to a fresh, new year! Happy First Day!!!

    1. THANKS!

      Perfect first day!
      You have a great year as well!

  4. This brought back such memories of when I was still teaching. I would go to bed early, not be able to fall asleep, awaken long before the alarm went off, and arrive at school an hour before students entered the classroom. I always worried that I was not prepared for the first day or for the year. Luckily everything always worked out.

    1. So much fun to have new beginnings. Now I just plan to forget something; much less stress! Thanks!

  5. Fun slice! I, too, have trouble sleeping the night before school starts. Excitement, wondering about the great unknown I’m sure. A bit of doubt, “What if I can’t meet their needs or don’t know what to do?” I keep having to remind myself to breathe and remember I am thankfully not alone on this teaching journey, but am surrounded by friends and co-workers who are right there with me, ready to support and offer help. Hope you have a great year!

    1. There’s a bit of “edge” from anticipation but that quickly fades at we “get started” but some days the “procedural” seems to eat up all the “learning”!

      Erin, it’s going to be a fabulous year!

  6. I can just imagine you with so much to share! I’m thinking about pacing, approach, consistency and FOCUS. All of those words go counter to my nature. I’ve got two weeks before I have students. Excited yet working on focus.

    And, no I don’t sleep well the night before school starts!

    Your schools are so lucky you come to school every day.

    1. Pacing is so, so critical! I was talking way to fast yesterday. I so wanted to get to the “and now YOU do it” so I could also see what “they” need!

      Thanks, Julieanne! I’m so glad my teachers come to school! Love Shana’s phrase!

  7. Yup…that’s what it’s like. I am still about 3 weeks away from all of this, but your post hits the mark exactly. have a wonderful new school year, Fran!

    1. Enjoy your reading for the next three weeks!

      Every year is just more wonderful than the rest!

  8. Love the way your thoughts flowed. The format of your writing definitely conveyed that anxious feeling. Can’t believe you are back already! Summer is so short.

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