#SOL16: March Challenge Day 16 – Midpoint


How is midpoint best represented?  Words?  Numbers?  Both?

In Google Images,  midpoint was shown on a line, on the side of a triangle, and graphed in many, many more formats.

Dictionary.com defines midpoint as:


  1. a point at or near the middle of, or equidistant from, both ends, as of aline:

the midpoint of a boundary.

2. a point in time halfway between the beginning and the end, as of aprocess, event,  or situation:

the midpoint of the negotiations.”

The second definition represents today – the midpoint of the March 2016 Slice of Life Challenge.

Did you make it?

Are you writing one slice per day and commenting on at least three slices per day?

How are you feeling about your writing?

Have you met your goals?


March – March is the month of the Slice of Life Challenge

Intensifies – The reading, writing, thinking muse takes over to guide and intensify my thinking.

Details – Writing long and strong about details generates more mentor texts for me.

Practice – I practice genre, styles and craft moves that are new to me.

Overcomes –  Fear is overcome with patience and pride in published posts.

Insecurities – . Doubts and insecurities are replaced with confidence and beginning seeds of competence.

Notes – Records and notes the process to consider to reflect my processes.

Time – Eking out precious moments of time to polish, praise, and practice writing, conferring, and praising!


March Intensifies Details,

Practice Overcomes Insecurities –

Notes Time.


Brainstorming began with  . . .16/31 = midpoint – midway – center.  I consulted Dictionary.com for the definition, went to Google Images for a graphic for midpoint. While perusing the math examples I decided my format would be poetry, probably an acrostic to focus on Word Choice and Elaboration. Then as I reviewed my poem I thought about using the words from the acrostic as their own mini poem.  Quickly drafted and added.  Reviewed, revised, spell checked, categories & tagged!




slice of life 2016

Thank you, Anna, Betsy, Beth, Dana, Deb, Kathleen, Stacey, and Tara. Check out the writers, readers and teachers here.  It’s the March Slice of Life Challenge so be ready to read DAILY posts!

28 responses

  1. What a great way to celebrate making it through to the midpoint! I like your use of multiple, varied formats. I also love how you include your process in your posts. Thanks for this!

    1. Thanks, Krista!
      Continuing to stretch and grow my own writing muscles!

  2. Yay! The midpoint! A good feeling. Half way says something. Too much has been put in to give up. I love the way you process things from all angles. That’s a gift!

    1. Thanks, Julieanne!
      When we put our strengths together, we are formidable! And capable of SO much! ❤

  3. Love the acrostic poem.

    1. Love that I could make it work more than one way!

  4. Thanks so much for including your writing process. I’m always fascinated to see what lies behind a piece of writing. Sometimes it’s a winding road indeed! I like how you constructed your acrostic poem as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are welcome! I’m noticing that when I pause (AKA get stuck), I stay in motion with attention shifting to those other “have to” items, like adding visual, categories, tags, etc. 🙂

  5. Love the poems! Love the process! Love that we’ve reached the midpoint!! YAY!!

    1. Michelle,
      So much to LOVE in March! THANKS!

  6. What a creative idea. I love how you pulled it all together. I am proud to answer yes to your questions and see evidence of your acrostic poem categories in my own writing life. Wahoo

    1. Erin,
      Such a great feeling to make it past the midpoint! I also love when it’s still FUN!

  7. Two great poems in one great slice! Yes, I’ve made it to the midpoint, which is farther than I made it last year. And, hoping to make it to the endpoint!

    1. Amy,
      You can do it! This is only my third year but it feels so different every year!

  8. Encouraging poems about SOL16 and how exciting to have reached the midpoint! This is my first year, and I am loving this experience! Thanks again for sharing your process with us, Fran!

    1. Lynne,
      Thank you so much because you write such brilliant poems! March is such a fun month to work on craft and for me also the “HOW” I am writing! You are so welcome! I am honored to be learning from and encouraged by some of the BEST including you! ❤

  9. Simply wonderful. I am feeling this midpoint for sure.

    1. THANKS! It’s a milestone for sure! OOOH! S & T would have been LOTS of fun!

  10. Since I took a week off, Fran, I feel like I still have a way to go before I get to my midpoint in this year’s challenge. One thing I do know is that I plan to be here for the rest of March. Love your poem.

    1. Bob, it wasn’t a week of fun nor your choice so we are quite glad you will be here for the rest of March! Thanks!

  11. I love how it seems to be a habit for you to naturally seek out an image of an idea in google images. I want to start to add that step to my brainstorming. I am naturally visual but haven’t spent much time on google images. I always love the images you find, like todays!

    1. Sally,
      I do believe a picture, well chosen, is worth a thousand words! It also makes me think that I am productive as in I can keep moving even when stuck!

  12. Thanks Fran for the creative reminder that now, as I sit with sunshine to my left, I can breathe and read slices… finally… Love your poetry flow!!!!

    1. You are welcome, Bonnie!
      I was trying to capture extra minutes today with an early post and I did have extra minutes of reading some wonderful slices! So many great mentors who are slicing here! What a treat!

  13. I’m going backwards today in commenting, Fran. Now I wish I’d started with you first. What a lovely way to mark the time in the challenge. Now, it’s the slide down, right?

    1. Downhill slide for sure, Linda!!!

      Thanks for commenting! ❤

  14. Yes – this is the point at which a certain fatigue sets in…but, the community keeps us going, doesn’t it?

    1. This is where the community becomes EVERYTHING! So true! Can’t stop NOW!

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