#Digilit Sunday: Refresh


The year is winding down,

Data is accumulating,

Plans are being made,

How will you refresh?

Do you have a #TBR (To Be Read) stack of professional books?

Here’s my current stack of various stages from “want to read, to several chapters read, to must revisit the book.

Writers notebook,

A snippet here

A line there

Collecting ideas

Writing long

Developing some mentor texts.

What will you write?

One task of mine includes organizing and curating resources.

Still in development, this is a current draft.




and growing.


keep learning.jpg

What will you be doing?


I am currently in a Voxer book chat for Who’s Doing the Work, that is so incredibly amazing (as well as two other Voxer groups). I will be at TCRWP in June for the Writing and Reading Institute.  I will continue to be part of #TWT, #TCRWP, and #G2Great chats. I hope to see you refreshing digitally in the Twitterverse, Blogosphere or VoxerWorld!

And, oh, yes, I will REFRESH with family . . .

my grandson’s birthday party to celebrate ONE year,

a nephew’s graduation, and

my daughter-in-law’s birthday!




22 responses

  1. Sounds like you will be busy Fran! Enjoy all of your activity!

    1. Amy,
      Summers are a “FUN” busy because I get to set most of my schedule!

      I do LOVE learning! The dictionary does have my picture next to “life-long learner”!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. What an exciting summer you have ahead of you! You and I have a lot of the same title on our list for the summer. I look forward to following your learning journey. I hope you’ll have time to join us for #cyberPD in July (and hope you’ll post your book stack in the community).


    1. Cathy,
      I love the idea of #cyberPD and will watch for it in July!

  3. Allison Jackson | Reply

    Fran, I love that What Readers Really Do is ALWAYS on your list. (It’s always on mine, too.) Also, I want to hear more about the Visible Learning for Literacy book. Have you started it yet?

    1. Allison,
      I’ve just flipped through Visible Learning and picked a few spots to read so far. That’s why it’s on my list for a real reading plan. WWRD is so important. I always come away with new learning which is why it’s so important to re-read texts! ❤

      1. Allison Jackson

        If you think it’s worth reading, it probably is. I haven’t read any of the Visible Learning books, but keep thinking I need to.
        Yes, WWRD- both simple and complex at the same time. Easy enough to read, but sooooo much to think about.

      2. This Visible Learning appealed to me so I could find the “best” for K-12. Otherwise, Hattie’s Visible Learning for Teachers is the most easily digested!

        And yes, WRRD – when I’m stuck “on processing” – gives me impetus to move forward with students and teachers!

      3. Allison Jackson

        Good to know. Thanks, Fran!

  4. I agree with Allison! WWRD is one of those books. I’ve got some of these on my list too. Choice Words is always on my list as a re read. Looking forward to summer thinking!

    1. Julieanne,
      I think I’ve loaned Choice Words out. Will have to dig a bit deeper to see if I can find it!

      YES, looking forward to summer thinking and planning!

  5. So many great books to read! I am thinking about doing something around Katherine Bomer’s book. Maybe a blog tour? A voxer group? A twitter chat? All three. Would love to know your thoughts.
    Thanks for linking up today.

    1. Margaret,
      I’m intrigued. what is a blog tour? Tara has or is reading . . . and using in her classroom (book review yesterday). We need to do something!

      1. As far as I know a blog tour would mean a group of bloggers writing about the book and linking to each other.

  6. Great books – but knowing that you and so many like minded people are reading along is the best part. Conversations! And, oh hey, can you link me into the Whose Doing the Work? 🙂

    1. Tara,
      So many great books to talk about. I think you’re in! ❤

  7. So many books, and I always run out of time! I haven’t joined Voxer yet, but would a Twitter chat about any of these books would be great.

    1. #G2Great is going to talk about “Who’s Doing the Work” mid to late June!

      I like Margaret’s idea of a blog tour for Katharine Bomer’s book. It’s exquisite!

  8. We have several of the same books in our TBR list, Fran. Thanks so much for including Craft Moves in your summer reading. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it once it arrives.

    1. That does NOT surprise me, Stacey! I’m so looking forward to ALL the lessons in your book! ❤

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