#TCRWP: Techno-Life

And the instructions said:

“Ethernet cable needed.”

Yet no ethernet cable was needed in 2013, 2014, or 2015.

And the MacBookAir I am currently typing on, has no ethernet port.

No port, no ethernet cable needed. No research, just simple common sense.

My Friday afternoon arrival and check in at New Residence Hall went smoothly. My check in for the online class that I am teaching . . . NOT.SO.MUCH.

computer one

No wifi in my dorm room.


It’s 2016.

It worked in 2013.

It worked in 2014.

It worked in 2015.


Residential Housing said,

“Ethernet cable needed.

Get a USB adapter.

Check back on Monday when someone is in the office.”

Current residents said,

“Ethernet cable needed.”

In the interest of truth and fairness, wifi is available

In the lounge on first floor.

So Friday night, I

Pack the computer.

Pack the phone.

Pack pencil and paper.

Pack a snack.

Trudge to the lounge.

Use wifi.

But wifi in the lounge on the first floor is not the same as wifi in your own room.

In your home for the next two weeks.

So Saturday morning, I

Pack the computer.

Pack the phone.

Pack pencil and paper.

Trudge to the lounge.

Use wifi.

I check out the #TC website and locate CIS help available from 10 – 10 even on a Saturday.

I wait in the lounge.

I greet old friends.

I call CIS and have a pleasant chat and a

“Ethernet cable?  That’s not acceptable.”

But technical on-site assistance is not available.

I research the nearest Best Buy.

On the metro to Columbus Circle, I wonder how “good” the FREE wifi is on the Metro and how the Metro system understands that connectivity is important!

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . . Cat 5, Cat 6, how many feet of cable?

Face to face assistance is needed.

(And of course, I brought my computer along. No guessing needed!)

Some wondering around. A bit of sight seeing.

Back to New Residence Hall.

24 hours later, now armed with Ethernet cable and USB adapter,

and several tens of dollars fewer,

I plug it all in.

No internet.

I restart my computer.

No internet.

I call CIS and it so happens that the tech person is in and will come over.

By the time I get down to the security desk to tell them the CIS person is on their way, he’s actually entering the building.

A person who loves challenges,

He reboots

Checks internet connectivity


umm, hmm, yes, update needed!

Yet, no internet even WITH ethernet cable and USB connector.

A valiant effort, but no success.


I feel like this!

broken computer.jpeg

But recognize that it’s not a viable option!

So I

Pack the computer.

Pack the phone.

Pack pencil and paper.

Trudge to the lounge.

Use wifi.

I google my issues and problems.

I find the directions for the USB connector.

AND I download the driver.

When I return to my room I plug in the ethernet cable and the USB connector,






happy dance

When all else fails, read the instructions!

It’s Sunday morning, my internet is still working

And I’m ready for #TCRWP’s Writing Institute tomorrow.

What challenge(s) are you ready to overcome?

Where will your persistence lead you?

10 responses

  1. Now that was a riveting story. Unfortunately very relatable. I hope you have the very best time at TCRWP. 😘

    1. Linda,
      Every year is the very BEST year at #TCRWP. It felt like a very lonnnnnnng story, so I’m glad it worked! So silly to use the exact same computer and NOW to have issues! 😦

  2. I love the way you told this! Cracked me up! Isn’t it funny how we take Internet access for granted now and it IS a necessity. You were so persistent in your problem solving. Loved the repetition and the pics–especially the happy dance. Have a great time these next few weeks. I’m looking forward to reading your posts where you share your learning.😉

    1. Erin,
      I’m teaching an online class so access is a requirement not an option. Thanks for telling me what you specifically liked – love when my intentionality as an author (repetition & pictures) works for readers as well!

  3. So proud of you for persisting, Fran! It’s teachers like you who don’t give up that help our kids become the adults we want them to be. Thanks for being you! 🙂 I bet your class will be awesome!

    1. Lisa,
      Multiple failures. Multiple opportunities to continue to “forge on.” It happens to all of us!

      This week and next week will be absolutely mind-blowing!

      1. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  4. Fran, you are intrepid in your pursuit of technological success! I love the image of you determinedly setting off on the metro in search of the magic cord. I am SO glad you are hooked up in your room and ready to head into the next two weeks with joy! I know you will enjoy every moment and absorb like a sponge–I look forward to hearing all about your discoveries and adventures!

    1. Thanks, Kathy! My OCD kicked in . . . and I definitely wanted it my way! LOL – now I’m ready for my GRAND adventures!

  5. Great job with your persistence and determination. You may be able to gain employment at the tech office now! Enjoy ! ~Amy

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