My #OneLittleWord for 2016 has been JOY and this past weekend at #NCTE16 was packed with joy every minute of every day. Surrounded by professionals that I know, admire, and constantly learn with, it was quite easy to forget the policies, problems, and politics that have rocked the U.S. landscape lately.

See how many “Slicers” you recognize at the Saturday dinner.

(Bonus:  How many of the blogs can you name?)

Slicer Satu.JPG

“Slicer” dinner at Amalfi’s Pizza Saturday


The JOY began with a #G2Great meetup Thursday night at Max’s Coal Pizza.  This group chats online on Thursday evenings with Mary Howard, Amy Brenneman, and Jenn Hayhurst as co-moderators.


Thursday night #G2Great meetup at Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria

Do you know which 4 are in both groups?

Can you name the states represented?

joy gift pic

And of course another night of conversation and JOY.


Friday night at Legal Seafood 


On Sunday we actually found time to visit before leaving Atlanta!


Julieanne, Tara, Margaret and me!

One of the highlights of my travels was my great roommate, Dani Graham Burtsfield, from Kalispell, MT. Thanks so much for all your great work as our “historian”!


Joy with some of the audience members for the poetry session are found here!


At poetry with Mary Lee, Julieanne and myself – just missing Steve!

And even MORE JOY with some of the presenters!

Have you checked in on your “One Little Word” lately?

slice of life

Thank you, Betsy, Beth, Dana, Deb, Kathleen, Lisa, Melanie, and Stacey for this weekly forum. Check out the writers, readers and teachers here. 

20 responses

  1. It was a wonderful conference…definitely full of JOY! It was great getting to catch up, Fran!

    1. Michelle,
      It was such a pleasure to learn with you! So much JOY in Atlanta!

  2. It sounds like a joyous weekend! My OLW is/was also joy and this is a good reminder to me to bring it back to the front!

    1. Erika,
      My only disappointment was not making the time for the Exhibit Hall. Joyful that I didn’t want to miss the learning and the opportunities to see/learn with friends but also no time to check out books and authors!

      Let’s end 2016 on a 40 day run of pure JOY!

  3. I have always found going to NCTE exhilarating both professionally and personally. It has been a few years since I have gone. Maybe it is time to start going again.

    1. Oh, #NCTE17 is in St. Louis. That will be quite amazing!

  4. It was magic! Thanks for sharing these moments. Planning for NCTE17 is underway 🙂

    1. Sometimes we have to hang on to the magic for inspiration because the perspiration is overwhelming! 🙂

  5. What a time we had…can’t wait for NCTE 2017!

    1. Me, too! Its already time to begin planning.

  6. My OLW is trust and it has been a good one for this year. Trust is all that gets me through some days. I missed connecting – truly connecting- with you this year. Will you be at ILA? I think we will. We need to plan a dinner or meal if you are going so we have time to catch up. Enjoy the holiday.

    1. Clare,
      I believe trust is going to continue to play a pivotal role in our future. Im not currently planning on ILA as i have an 8th grade and HS graduation in May. Busy, busy family year. We do need to make a plan to meet up sometime!

  7. What a beuatiful and JOYOUS post! Love all the pics of so many awesome people. Can’t wait to hear more about your learning at NCTE.

    1. Dayna,
      As you know, there is something marvelous about learning with friends! More sharing to come! HAppy Thanksgiving!

  8. I feel joyful just reading your words and seeing your pictures, Fran. Thank you for sharing your experience. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Happy Thanksiving, Jennifer. It’s time to celebrate JOY and family!

  9. The word “joy” resonated in both the first and last session I attended at NCTE and in many sessions in between. In the Newkirk session Thursday, one of the panelists powerfully explained how “joy” is not in our reading standards but should be (England’s standards have joy in reading). Jeff Anderson’s one word for teachers was “joy” which he expressed could even be a form of protest. And finally, Mary Howard, explained how interventions should be infused with joy. I think the message is loud and clear no matter where we are in our lives, we should share joy, especially each day entering the classroom. Thanks for this post. Thanks for sharing your joy.

    1. Maya,
      Thanks for the additional sources of “Joy” as I also heard Ralph Fletcher, Vicki Vinton, and Carl Anderson discuss joy. It needs to be a priority because joys provides the strength to keep moving forward in times of trouble!

      You are so welcome!

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