#SOL17: Heart Mapping

As a reader I have many “Fan Girl” moments. The list of favorite authors is even longer and my “TBR” stack has collapsed upon itself. So it’s time to write.  Pick up the book. Test out some of those post-it marked pages and try it on.

But wait . . .

I signed up for the webinar.

Please, oh, please

Procrastinate until  the webinar.

And that gem . . .

The idea of waiting




Have you noticed?

One of my all time favorite topics is writing about my learning!

Ahhh, you have noticed!

Thanks for traveling this learning journey with me!

As a result of my learning . . .

A Heinemann PD webinar with Georgia Heard,

I created a heart map with some of the best quotes.

Not an assignment.

My choice.

A way to collect and perhaps savor some ideas that I heard.

heart map for the webinar.JPG

And now I know that this is bigger than a topic list.

It’s bigger than just writing any old ideas into a heart shape.

It’s about REAL writing.

Writing that comes from my heart.

(Crap . . . can’t fake it . . . Must make it real . . . Writing!)

It’s about “an ache with caring”.

The passion to write comes from the connections I have to that topic that I have chosen …




Checking out Mentor Texts . . .

What is the purpose of writing.JPG

“Heart Mapping” Webinar with @GeorgiaHeard

So many REAL reasons to write . . .

To Think,

To Dream,

To Play,

To Share,

To Dare,

To Capture Thoughts . . .

tips for writing from heart maps.JPG

I don’t just write to persuade, to inform or to entertain. (PIE)

I reject only having three reasons to write.

I write for many reasons.

Most of all, I write for me.

I write about ideas that matter to me.

Why do you write?

Plan:  To create a heart map after PD to hold onto favorite quotes or ideas. That visual learning map of the important parts that I choose to store visibly so I can return and unwrap their precious wisdom. My Learning Map.

Text Based Questions (Close Reading of my Webinar):

Phase 1:  What are Heart Maps? When would I use them?  Why would I use them?

Phase 2:  How does the design of a Heart Map support its use?

Phase 3:  How will students be able to use Heart Maps to increase their passion for writing?

How can models of Heart Maps result in crafting authentic, personal writing?

slice of life

Thank you, Betsy, Beth, Deb, Kathleen, Lanny, Lisa, Melanie, and Stacey for this weekly forum. Check out the writers, readers and teachers here. 

Additional Information about Heart Mapping:

Georgia Heard’s website

31 responses

  1. Your post spurred me to add heart mapping as another activity for our after school book club today. I had two options: write a love letter to a favorite author or create a list of your top ten most loved books. Now I’ll add heart maps as a vehicle for those activities. I love the Writing from Heart Maps visual – putting those ideas in my writer’s notebook.

    1. Ramona,
      What fun for your students! Georgia has so many heart maps! And the models! Create one or two for yourself and see where the map takes you! Today is the perfect day for Heart Mapping!

  2. “Heart maps are not expository, topics to be checked off as used.” But this was what I thought they were. After reading your post, I now GET that it is a tool to help the writer write from the heart! I especially like your mentor text – it reminds me of when as a virtual group, we read a book closely. We discussed favorite lines that did change us because we read them! Thanks for loving to learn and then to generously share what you love. I am better for all my visits to your blog!!

    1. Sally,
      These lines lead back to you . . . “Thanks for loving to learn and then to generously share what you love. I am better for all my visits to your blog!!” because I learn so much from every post of yours as well.

      And I had to hear Georgia say that the heart maps were not topics TBW about – checked off! DUH! Idea drafting for myself. I can’t wait to create a view and then choose one during the March SOLSC to “write long” off of! (Still pondering how they can be used to support historical fiction.) ❤

  3. Was anything stated on the webinar that it was recorded so it could be viewed later? I had a negotiations meeting last night and missed it 😦

    1. Tammy,
      Since Heinemann hosted it, I am sure that it will be recorded. They have one webinar on their site already! ❤

  4. Great post! I try to write from the heart every time I write a book. I’ve just finished one that I’m excited about. I can’t wait to see where it goes. 🙂

    1. Lisa,
      I can’t imagine NOT writing from the heart but I know that some “assignments” may be hard to write about! Can’t wait to hear more about your book!

      1. Thanks, Fran! I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

  5. There’s so much in this post I need to remember. After so many years of writing, those things I took for grated , I have forgotten. This post reminds me of that. Something as simple as reading for inspiration, insight I need to do more of. I loved Georgia’s book too. Now where did I put it?….

    1. Mary Ann,
      I know. Reshuffling my TBR stack AGAIN! Some books are just permanently on that stack! ❤

  6. Fran,
    I totally fan girled all over Gerogia Heard when she visited Hope College. She has been very influential in helping me embrace and go deeper in writing. Her heart maps are brilliant! She is an amazing supporter of teachers and writing. Her books are great, too. Thanks for reminding me of heart maps!

    1. Thanks, Sarah!
      There’s something about literally hearing the author’s voice (IMO)! Deeper writing is so critical. It’s easy and safe to stay on the surface. (Been there!) But attempting some “thin ice” is how I’m moving on!

  7. I updated my heart map just last night since I realized the one I showed my previous graduate students didn’t have Ari on it. Hence, I made a new heart map today.

    Mind if I share this post with my grad students the week they have to create Heart Maps of their own?

    1. Please share, Stacey! The possible uses of Heart Maps literally is amazing!

  8. Well, should I or should I not say it…? I will say it. I think I’ve just had a “fan girl” moment, Fran. Is bookmarking a page a symptom of that? So many ideas resonate with me, make me think on so many different levels, see so many connections, and call me back to reread. But one struck my heart most: “I write for many reasons. Most of all, I write for me. . . . ideas that matter to me.” This sums up why I blog. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Oh, Alice. Thank you! I love when a post makes me return again and again! Explaining WHY we return is so critical for our students and fellow teachers to understand.

      And yes, when I finally figured out that “I write for me” – these blog posts became much easier with a lot less pressure!

      Happy Valentine’s Day!

      And I can’t wait to see how your Heart Map turns out!

  9. I’ve been saving Georgia’s book for our February break, Fran – your post has me itching to start it right away.

    1. Tara,
      You could watch a podcast in advance! I think Margaret Simon has a post about it as well because one of her students has a map in it.

      I’m not sure if it’s age-ism or a focus issue but I have to slow down and think about professional books and I now prefer an introductory podcast or two!!! ❤

      You will love it!

      I am going to make a "blogging friends" heart map. I have to figure out how to make a 6' x 6' heart! (good day for that task!)

  10. I admit that I was not totally familiar with heart maps until I read your post, Fran. Were I still teaching this is definitely something I would introduce my students to. I think it leads to more authentic writing than just making a list of “things I know lots about”.

    1. Authentic writing is so critical for student engagement. There is so much school writing that leaves little room for student voice and choice.

      Thanks for commenting!

  11. So much to ponder in your post — I think my reasons have transformed over the years. Now I write because it is simply who I am – I cannot imagine not writing. It is just part of me now. I loved Word After Word After Word – I need to reread it. Thanks for the inspiration – as always.

    1. Clare,
      I think life and writing have both become more complex over time, but I agree. I can’t imagine not writing!

      The inspiration from Word After Word After Word was all Georgia. Such a great webinar!

      You are so welcome! And I can’t wait to work on my “Blogging Friends” Heart Map because you will be there!!! ❤

  12. Such goodness here! You’ve got me pumped up!!

    1. Thanks, Aggie! The webinar was amazing! There’s just something about hearing the passion pouring from the lips of the author that really adds magic into the learning mix! ❤

  13. […] As a reader I have many "Fan Girl" moments. The list of favorite authors is even longer and my "TBR" stack has collapsed upon itself. So it's time to write. Pick up the book. Test out some of those post-it marked pages and try it on. But wait . . . I signed up for…  […]

  14. Fran, thank you so much for sharing your thinking and reflecting on your learning here. I love – “I write for me.” I am also a huge fan girl, and I feel so fortunate to hang out with my edu-heroes virtually. I am glad you enjoyed learning with us and I am looking forward to learning with you in the future.

    1. Cathy,
      I didn’t start a blog for years because I wondered who on earth would read what I was thinking and writing about. Once I discovered that I really needed to write for me, the writing was easier, my blog was up and running, and I literally found my voice. So much learning YET for me to do, but each day is a journey!

      You are so welcome, Cathy!

      1. brophycat2015

        That is exactly what happened to me! I find writing helps me process the ups and downs of life and it also helps me make connections.

  15. […] Heart Maps by Georgia Heard here […]

  16. […] add another dimension to writing and then reading. Not familiar with Heart Maps?  Check out this link for additional […]

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