#SOLSC17: #TCRWP Saturday Reunion

(Not attending the 92nd Saturday Reunion but slicing this Found Poem from the information posted on the #tcrwp website here.)


92nd Saturday Reunion

Saturday’s agenda  –

Drew Dudley,

keynote speaker –

powerful TED talk,

“Everyday Leadership,”

(Ted Talk link)


over 2 million views,

voted one of the most inspirational of all time.

This day

literacy educators

across the globe

come together

to learn.

Fast-paced day,

brimming with horizons to work towards,

a focus . . .

higher level comprehension,

content area literacy,

units of study in writing,

assessment-based instruction,

increasing student engagement, or

bringing books to life.

You stand

on the shoulders of the profession

with Lucy Calkins,

senior leaders,

staff developers,

Kathy Collins,

Carl Anderson, and

many others.

Riverside Church.jpg

The day begins at Riverside Church,

Teachers College,

free of charge,

without registration.

A gift

to the TCRWP community.

Will you be there?  

Have you been there for the magic of a Saturday reunion?

slice of life

Thank you, Betsy, Beth, Deb, Kathleen, Lanny, Lisa, Melanie, and Stacey for this weekly forum and the #SOLSC that runs from March 1 to the 31st. Check out the writers, readers and teachers here. 


early morning slicer


53 responses

  1. I hope to go one day, Fran. Your found poem is so inspiring with both the content AND the structure. Thank you!

    1. Paula,
      It’s a day like no other and even more special when attending with friends. We need to make it happen! ❤

  2. Would love to go some day, Fran. Sounds inspiring! And your poem is proof that if we slow down and look closely, and through a different lens perhaps, inspiration is everywhere. Thanks, and have a great Saturday.

    1. Have a great Saturday as well. In spirit I will be in NYC and in body working in Iowa! ❤

  3. Fran, what a beautiful way to join in the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project! I love your poem. What a great prompt. I really like this, and I’m sure it will inspire me for a future #SOL17. Thanks for sharing. I hope I can go in person someday.


    1. Denise,
      The setting, Riverside Church, is so uplifting by itself. And then the learning is out of this world excellence!

  4. Someday I’ll make it to a Saturday reunion! Enjoy your Saturday in Iowa, friend!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Will do!

  5. I will be sharing my thoughts about missing the reunion as I write today and post tomorrow. It hurts to miss those learning opportunities.

    1. Christine,
      It does hurt! The learning, the camaraderie, the excitement – it’s all contagious in such an inspiring way!

  6. I so hope to get to a reunion on of these days. Your poem made me wish that even more.

    1. Lisa,
      A reunion is unbelievable . . .must be experienced! So different from an institute, but if themed sessions are chosen carefully it can be such an incredible booster shot! ❤

  7. I am missing as well, Fran; I can’t use my wheelchair in that crowd! Thanks for adding the TED Talk link, and for gathering all the literacy “hot topics” into this poem.

    1. Laurie,
      Oh, the crowd I don’t miss. The #tcrwp had all those “hot topics” and I remember last year that my first choice sessions were all themed and then my second choice were either FUN or convenience!

  8. I could feel your yearning in these words you collected. And the pic of Riverside church is gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend (in spite of the fact that you aren’t at the reunion).

    1. Ah, Ramona! Yes to my yearning! I love my travel to #tcrwp as much for the learning, the friends, and the inspiration that’s literally “in the air”!

  9. I’m sure I’ll never be there, but it’s always terrific to hear about it from others. I like that you are remembering the good times.

    1. It’s food for the teaching soul, Linda. So inspiring and uplifting! ❤

  10. I have always enjoyed your post about this day and have learned so much from what you have shared. I keep thinking that one day I need to go just for the experience.

    1. Well, there is a high probability that I will write something about this 92nd Saturday Reunion even though I did not attend. The tweets are amazing!

  11. SOOOOO wish I could attend. Following somewhat on Twitter!

    1. It’s an amazing free day! ❤

  12. What a lovely found poem. It is obvious this event has special meaning for you.


  13. Found poems are so wonderful to discover! And this TCRWP sounds like a fantastic time!

    1. Donna,
      It is an amazing community of learners who are passionate about reading, writing, learning and leading! ❤

  14. I stayed home. Too many things made it not so. Thanks for sharing the emotion that comes from meeting up with our educator friends in the beautiful place that is TC. Next year, I promise.

    1. Julieanne,
      “the beautiful place that is TC” – for sure! ❤

  15. As always, today was an inspirational gift, Fran. So much to think over and process! Every session was full of ideas I can share with teachers on Monday. Missed seeing your smiling face!

    1. Great Catherine, can’t wait to learn from you!

  16. I hope your day was wonderful!

  17. […] you read my found poem yesterday here, you know that I did not attend the 92nd Saturday Reunion sponsored by the Teachers College Reading […]

  18. schmidtkristas | Reply

    This reunion sounds like an amazing experience for all who attend. I would love to get to TCRWP someday…too bad I didn’t know what I was missing out on when I lived in NY. Now there’s a whole country between us!

    1. I am still amazed that TCRWP existed for so long before I knew about it! It’s one of the best learning environments in the world!

  19. Your post was what I needed to console myself- I would have loved to be there, but no way with the distance. As always, I appreciate your links. I hope we meet up there again!

    1. Erika,
      We will meet up somewhere! TC or NerdCamp for sure!

  20. How amazing to me, that you read the general information and wrote a poem that says so much more. I hope you attend another.

    1. Patricia,
      There is such a “community” that you can “be there” without being physically present! I plan to attend more!

  21. Fran, one amazing thing about the reunion is that so many educators are there in spirit that the throngs filling Riverside church and the streets around it seem to be swelled by their virtual presence, filled too by the memory of those who have been before.

    1. Yes, “swelled by their virtual presence” – the beautiful spirits joined together to learn!

  22. Missed you! So glad you were there in spirit and via twitter and now through many, like me who shared our learning via a blog.

    1. Thanks, Sally! So love to learn side by side, with, and from the smartest people I know! ❤

  23. Your poem beautifully highlights what I am sure was a day filled with excitement, learning, and camaraderie.

    1. I am enjoying found poems for sure!
      Thank you!

  24. I so want to go one day! Maybe I will get to…someday! Thanks for the lovely poem!

    1. It’s a fabulous day and well worth the time!

  25. Sorry I missed this day, Fran. We had a PA Writing & Literature Project day at WCU. It was a renewal day, too, filled with chances to reconnect and energize. New and old fellows, Janet Wong keynote, five author panel, breakout sessions. Your poem reminds me to save-the-date for Teachers College event next year!

    1. Lynne,
      I saw some of those Janet Wong tweets!
      Sounds like you also had a great learning day as well!

  26. Oh to have been there. Thank you for capturing the spirit of writing.

  27. Oh, Fran – you do have a way with words and thoughts! I’ve had this on my want-to-do list for years! I need to make this happen!

    1. Thanks, Lisa!
      The gift of a day of free PD with some of the best staff developers in the world is one that everyone should experience!

  28. A gift for sure. You’ve captured it in this found poem — even the pace! 🙂

    1. Thanks. Reunion Saturdays are definitely special!

  29. Can’t wait to make it there someday — I WILL GO!

    Thank you so much for the poem!

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