#SOL17 and #DigiLitSunday


Recycle bin one full.

Recycle bin two full.

Recycle bin three full.

Just how much “stuff” can one person accumulate in 36,639 days?  Apparently a lot . . . As in three bins full.

Sorting . . .

To keep for myself because I purchased it

Free to a good home although I had purchased it

Extra copies that teammates or districts might not have

GONE . . . no need to keep  . . .

Organization is a tricky thing.  Keeping what is necessary. Eliminating waste.  But what if I need . . .?  In a digital world life does seem simpler. But yet, do I put this file in a generic location or file it under the group with who it was used.

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . .

If my focus is to be on working with students and staff, was I to borrow from their precious time to organize and clean up?  Did I use my own time?  But wait . . . my own time was already spent on travel and so at the end of the ten hour day I was done with work.

Vocabulary.com says clean is

“The meaning of clean usually refers to removing something unwanted: you clean your hands by washing them, then you can clean some grapes.

This word has many meanings related to being pure or empty. You clean a chicken by plucking its feathers, or get cleaned out when you lose all your money at poker. If a drug addict is clean, he’s no longer using. You can clean someone’s clock, clean up your act, or clean out a safe and make a clean getaway. If the floor is clean enough to eat off, it’s very clean. A clean life is morally pure.”  (link– and do note that I am interested in a clean manuscript as some point!)

How do we build this habit?

Daniel Tiger of PBS fame has it right with these lyrics:

“Clean up, pick up, put away
Clean up everyday”

And if you’re not around a small child, check out the video here!

A little bit every day . . .

Or memesuper says it another way . . .



How do you end your work year?  

Have you cleaned and organized every day?  

Or do you need to have a deep cleaning to reorganize before leaving this year in the rear view mirror?

Thank you, Betsy, Beth, Deb, Kathleen, Lanny, Lisa, Melanie, and Stacey for this weekly forum. Check out the writers, readers and teachers here.                                                                                                      

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23 responses

  1. It is amazing what We collect throughout the year… just in case… I love my paper copies, yet while google Drive is helping me save things electronically, it does not always help me find them easily!
    I think I am like you and do one major “organization Day” at the end of the year. Happy cleaning day!

    1. My most favorite thing about Google Drive is color coding my files. So easy to find the big folders. But then again, over time . . . how to best organize in order to “find” anything???

      1. Color coding in Google Drive?! Tell me more, Fran!!

      2. On a folder in Drive, right click and you get your choice of color. Putting a number like 1. On a folder also keeps it at the top.

  2. I clean daily, and do a major sweep after each reading/writing/math unit. Our rooms are small for elementary classrooms (they’re actually former jr. high rooms) so clutter is my enemy. However, we’re only in the building for two more school years because the district is building new one to consolidate new schools. I’m immensely excited to see the latest classroom storage options that are out there!
    Very best wishes for this new adventure in your life, Fran! Cleaning out and turning over a new page are thrilling tasks in different ways. I can’t wait ain’t to hear all about your journey!

    1. Thanks, Lorie.
      Currently, destination is a series of “stops” along the way. More clarity and a possible roadmap in the future. “Keeping my options open” and currently a “leap of faith” as even my mom says that I don’t “look old enough to retire”!

  3. With the world of technology, cleaning has become easier for me. I have no paper files anymore, all of it is online. This year, I have to clean and pack up to MOVE. YIKES!! That makes me a bit nervous, but it’s an opportunity to purge and organize again.

    1. Trying to leave enough information for the transition and then thinking about what I really NEED.

  4. A wise mentor once told me that cleaning and organizing is part of the job — lifts productivity in the end. What is your new journey/change? What did I miss?

    1. Retired from current job . . . now looking for the fun in working independently to promote reading and writing! ❤

  5. I still feel a bit old-fashion as I hold onto a master copy of some things. I can see it. I haven’t convinced myself that if I scan and file it, I actually we find it later when I need it. But technology does make it easier to clean and save. My last day isn’t until June 23rd so I haven’t scheduled my cleaning day yet. But I fear it will be days and many hours spent of my own time. But I am looking forward to the feeling of clean once it is done! Loved reading all the clean definitions. So glad you included them!

    1. Sally,
      I still found copies where I had marked the top right hand corner with a yellow highlighter to indicate that it was a master copy. I scanned in over 100 documents so we will see how I do at “really” locating them later!

  6. Just yesterday I was looking for an old file in my old file cabinet. While I was looking I saw a slew of things I need to clean out as they are not needed any longer – thanks to the digital storage of files. Yet, I still struggle to toss out paper copies at times. It is hard to find the balance of what to keep and what to toss in regards to paper files.
    Good luck in your new venture

    1. Thanks, Christine! It is easier when I can scan documents in “just in case”.

  7. I said to my husband, it’s good to move every 6-10 years – keeps us from accumulating too much stuff. He, unfortunately, didn’t agree. I am cleaning out my office for a new adventure. We are moving to a more modest home. Lost of cleaning here!

    1. Our home is modest . . . Just over a thousand square feet. If my walls could all be bookshelves, it would work!

  8. I think by our nature we are collectors. After all, everything can be used to help illustrate some point we are teaching. When I retired I did exactly what you describe here. I was amazed at what I had collected over the years. I was glad that I could pass many things on to others who would be able to use it.

    1. I could not keep everything so I was glad to see my stuff find good homes!

  9. Kimberley Moran | Reply

    I’m a very minimalist person, but lately I’m subscribing to Marie Kondo’s method and loving it. Good luck with your move.

    1. I have numerous electronic files but they are not all inclusive! We will see!!!

  10. so true – i do not want to go through all my school stuff and put it away for the summer! ugh!

    1. My summer routines vary each year dependent on summer contracts. So difficult to sustain the focus!

  11. With every passing year, I can feel the effects of Google Docs on my paper accumulation load. Also, giving up workshits (not a typo, thank you Mary Howard) has made a huge difference in what my filing cabinets look like today. Leaving my coaching position and returning to the classroom won’t involve moving too much, thankfully! I need the time to focus on setting up my new room!!

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