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dynamic teaching book cover

The #cyberpd discussion of Vicki Vinton’s new book is allowing readers to respond in a variety of ways.  Check out the #cyberpd hashtag on twitter or the Cyberpd google hangout for additional posts. ( Check previous post here and my padlet here.)

Section 2 begins with this quote:

“Practices are our beliefs in action.” – Regie Routman, Read, Write, Lead

and then Chapter 5 “Creating Opportunities for Readers to Figure Out the Basics” has a quote from General Gorge S. Patton and Chapter 6 ” Creating Opportunities for Readers to Experience Deeper Meaning” has a Mary Oliver quote.  The journey is now about HOW some specific core practices position readers to “grapple with those problems found in texts in order to deeply understand what the writer might be conveying about people, the world, and life.”(p. 55)

Knowing that everything has a purpose in a text, I’ve been asking myself what anchors this text for me.  The “Steering the Ship” sections (Figure 5-7, p. 82, and Figure 6-5, p. 108) are huge for me this week.  The  sections are titled “Teaching Moves to Support Thinking and Meaning Making”.

Did these “Steering the Ship” pages make you stop and pause? These are the “To Do’s” in order to teach reading  in a problem solving way.  They can be prompts for a teacher cheat sheet.  Practice, practice, practice will be required in order to have them to “naturally” be a part of my repertoire that pushes student thinking and provides responsive feedback with students developing the lines of inquiry. But that practice with less modeling and scaffolding by me will enable students to do more of the work themselves.

What are the BIG anchors of this text?


  • “Create opportunities for learning”
  • “Shift from answers to thinking”
  • “Experience the thrill of figuring things out”
  • “Embrace complexity”
  • “Take risks, get messy, keep learning”

Why these?  They are a part of the graphic on the front cover.  

Which one is repeated on the back cover?

What thinking am I doing as a result of this professional reading?

I am making notes.  I’m trying sketch noting.  I’m reading other blogs and responses.  I’m writing to consolidate my own thinking.  Writing . . . in response to reading.  Writing . . . in order to better understand my reading.  Writing and revising . . . in order to make my writing clearer.

How do you share your thinking?  

What is working for you?

cyber pd.png

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It’s messy, it’s fun, it’s scary, it’s evolving!  THINKING required!

9 responses

  1. I was thinking today while reading that the second section is easier for me – so why? I think in the first section I was using one part of my thinking brain. I was thinking about the theory being presented and reasoning that supported the purpose of the book. I experienced some disconnect because I kept thinking “This all seems familiar, not new.” The second section is all about the teaching moves, and this has been easier for me to digest. I am able to visualize myself following the moves and adjusting them. Sometimes I think, “Yes, that would have gone well in my class last year.” Or “No. In my class 2 years ago this would have been unsuccessful.” The visualizing and connecting are helping me synthesize the writing and, thus, it is feeling easier for me. Funny how our brains work, isn’t it?

    1. Lisa,
      I love how you are connecting the current chapters to your teaching. That’s exactly why I started with chapter 5, read to the end and now with #cyberpd, I am reading from the front through the end. I needed the WHAT and HOW before the WHY so I end up with a WHAT/HOW, why, WHAT/HOW multilayered learning!

      Our brains seek patterns – so fun to see how we use/ work those patterns differently. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. You are so good about putting all the links in your post. How did I not notice the cover!? Duh! This is a book I will carry with me to and from school this year. I feel I need to read it again and again. Thanks for posting for DigiLitSunday!

    1. Margaret,
      I agree. This book will be on my “reread” stack soon. It’s an amazing cover, of course, to go with an amazing book! ❤

  3. Love your 5 anchors. Succinct.

    1. Thanks, Mary Lee. They come from the book cover. I’m following them throughout the text!

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