#SOL17: First Day

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The bus turns the corner.

My last check to see that everything is in my car.

One picture down.  It’s kind of gloomy.  No sunshine for this auspicious day.

The brakes squeak as the bus pulls to a stop in the road.  I hear the stop sign pop as it is extended.  “Smile!  Just one more picture!”

He takes three steps, turns, and looks.  I snap the photo. He starts up the steps.

I’m sure it’s blurred.  Tears stream down my cheeks.

This would not be the day to take a lousy picture.

I watch as he walks down the aisle and chooses a seat.  Third row. Behind his friends.  He looks happy but he was so quiet this morning.  Only the top of his head is visible from outside the window.

The driver looks down.  Closes the door and the bus lumbers down the road.

  I hop in my car.  Five miles and I will be at school for my son’s second “First Day of School” picture.  It’s 1995.  The First Day of School. No digital pictures.

As a teacher, how do your own personal “First Days” impact your attention to detail in your classroom?

What are you planning for this year?  Why?

Thank you, Betsy, Beth, Deb, Kathleen, Lanny, Melanie, and Stacey for this weekly forum. Check out the writers, readers and teachers here.                                                                                                      slice of life 2016

16 responses

  1. Such a bittersweet but lovely moment, Fran. Thanks for sharing it with us. I’m still pondering ideas for launching this year, in light of everything that’s happened recently, I want to stray away from the tried and true and experiment with some new, not-fully-thought-out-yet ideas.

    1. Tara,
      I’m trying to finish Uprooted this week as I still need to write about that, the process, and of course, the racism. From there . . . it still feels like uncharted waters.

      There’s that inside / outside feel to life right now that is precarious . . .

      I was pleasantly surprised that I had not blogged about this “first” before so it was easy to fit among other items on the list ! ❤

  2. I haven’t had a personal first day yet for school! So I wonder what it will feel like as a teacher !!! 2 more years for actual school for my daughter !

    1. The personal day will add to your beliefs about why every student matters!
      Your turn soon! ❤

  3. 1995 — what a year! That’s when my 2nd child was born. She will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in May 2018. Whoa! My main goal is to spread the love of reading, thinking, and learning throughout my school and larger community. Have a great start!

    1. I think my son will also have his bachelor’s degree next spring by virtue of a little longer route. At that time I was praying that he would survive his first day. No goal beyond “one day at a time”; yet now I thank his teachers and the larger community that he is a reader!

  4. I love the reference to no digital cameras! It was certainly a different world before one to one technology came on the scene. Our job as educators is to go back to those basics for our students, so they can build the foundation they need to survive in this thing we call “life.” Thanks for the slice!

    1. It was also a world of many, many blurred photos! You are welcome!

  5. So many emotions brought on by the first day of school. It would be interesting to chart how they, or if they do, change as the child progresses through the years. I wonder if any made a compilation of first day of school pictures.

    1. I wish I had first day photos for every year. Now it would also be so easy to capture a video before school and after school from the child’s view! Thanks for the idea!

  6. So sweet! I felt like I was right there!

    1. THANKS! That’s the perfect compliment, Lynn! ❤

  7. Ah yes, the memories of these times. Sweet, sweet moments. I was there with you. Thank you.

    1. You are welcome! I’m still working on my narratives! YOU make them look sooooo easy!

  8. […] If this story felt familiar, you are absolutely correct.  This is a revised version of a “slice” posted on August 22nd here. […]

  9. First days are so fraught – there’s all of the excitement, the anticipation, the fears that come along for the ride.

    For me, there’s all of the first day plans, the first day dress, the night-before-the-first-day restlessness.

    For my own sons, it’s the traditional first-day breakfast.

    And for my students? I can only hope that when they cross into my room, they feel at once welcomed and at home. =))

    Thanks for this slice. It’s always nice to reflect on that day.!

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