#SOL17: Fall Favorites

Now that we are in double digit October, what are your favorite signs of fall?

The changing color of leaves?

Soybeans ready to be harvested?

Field corn turning brown as the stalks dry out?

The clamor on the high school gridiron on Friday nights?

The collegiate gridiron contests?

The crunch of leaves underfoot as you walk on tree-lined paths?

The pumpkins, scarecrows, and characters that decorate the lawns?

What is my personal favorite?

Decades of participating, watching, supporting . . .

Marching Band def


Marching Band was one of my favorites that has endured the test of time.  I love to watch the band at football games and in parades.  Within 28 hours this weekend I had the opportunity to see high school and collegiate marching bands and here are a few of the highlights (including some links).

mb flags

Friday Night’s Homecoming Parade – U of I Hawkeye Alumni Band

mb game alumni.PNG

Saturday Homecoming (vs. Illinois) – Alumni Band Pregame Show

mb iowa pregame.PNG

U of Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band – Pregame (Fight Song)

And then High School Marching Band Competition in Muscatine, Iowa . . . a rainbow en route guaranteed this auspicious trip would be highly enjoyable!

mb HS program.PNG

Class 3A:  Central DeWitt Program

mb hs band.PNG

Central DeWitt Marching Sabers – 10.08.17 (2016 performance)

What are your fall favorites?  

How many years have you enjoyed those favorite traditions?

And the best part of this weekend?

Celebrating Fall with my sister (Iowa alumni flag), my nephew (Director of Bands at Central DeWitt), and all of the other relatives over the weekend!

Thank you, Betsy, Beth, Deb, Kathleen, Lanny, Melanie, and Stacey for this weekly forum. Check out the writers, readers and teachers here.                                                                                                                          slice of life 2016


28 responses

  1. Great post. I wasn’t expecting marching band! For me, it is the crisp fall air which means sweater weather!

    1. Thanks, Adrienne! I LOVE marching band! And with a band director in the family, I am still able to enjoy watching and listening to the band on a fairly regular basis! (And this fall has been so warm that I completely forgot about the “crisp fall air”!)

  2. Loved this list. My favorite part of fall is the start of so many activities. The sights, sounds, scents mixed with new adventures is exhilarating to me.

    1. Rita,
      So many adventures in fall – you are so right! Have a great fall! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. There are so many things I like about Fall. I guess one of my favorites is the warm days followed by cool nights ideal for sleeping. We don’t live too far from our local high school so on a Friday night during home games we can open the window and hear the game and halftime show without leaving our house.

    1. Nice! All the benefits with no parking worries! We’ve just started hitting the cool nights so I had forgotten about them! I so enjoy the “cooling off” but I’m not yet ready for COATS!

  4. My favorite part of fall is are days when summer holds on! Like today! I have to say, a new found love of fall is watching my daughter Grace, dance her heart out at half time at the high school football games. Her leaves her passion for dance on the field every time!

    1. Love that! We never had dancers with the band but what a wonderful addition! ❤

  5. I loved learning about this favorite fall things for YOU! Next time I’m at a game watching the band, I’ll think of YOU and your love of marching bands!! My favorite fall thing is the pumpkin patch!! I loved taking my girls to the farm, have a hay ride and pick out our pumpkin on a fun fall day wearing our sweatshirts!

    1. Sally,
      A band can give you so much to observe – music, musicians, sights, and sounds abound!!!

  6. Marching bands! I love them too. I was sad to be out of town this past week for our homecoming parade. I may have to go to a high school football game just to hear the band. Our hometown band is going to the Rose Bowl in 2019. My kids missed the opportunity, but I believe it’s the third time our band has participated.

    1. Wow! My sister went to the Rose Bowl her freshman year in college. If I remember correctly, it’s at least a 5 mile march. That’s a stamina issue for sure. I have seen my nephew’s band at the Alamo Bowl and the Orange Bowl. So much fun to see a group that you know! (and this post had both my sister in the alumni band and my nephew’s HS band!)

  7. My favorite is fall fairs and back to cooking heart meals and luscious apple desserts. Thanks for posting this prompt.

    1. Our fairs are all in the summer but we do have a lot of church dinners . . . and I love the idea of “heart meals and luscious apple desserts.” ❤

  8. It has been SO HOT here that it does not feel like fall yet!! I love apple picking, pumpkin picking, fire pits at night, making soup, and football on Sundays (all of us in one room together!) Enjoy!

    1. Clare,
      Saturday night was our first “cool” night but today’s high was under 60 so it’s headed your way SOON! I vote for fire pits, soup and football! ❤

  9. I love the marching bands too! I attend Texas State University right now and know the tunes by heart 🙂 I love bundling up and trekking out in the cool weather! I love the hot chocolate and pumpkin spice treats! I have a lot of favorite things about fall!

    1. So many things to love about fall. Music and bands are just so high on my list!!!

  10. My favorite signs of fall are stepping on crunchy leaves, being able to wear sweaters for the first time, a warm latte and the newly cool air. 🍂

    1. Aspen,
      I love the crunchy leaves as well – no quiet walking for sure! I also like your “newly cool air” and your leaf! Thanks!

  11. Fran, my favorite is leaves rustling and the crisp air. XOXOXO

    1. Jan,
      Love the sounds of fall and this morning I am enjoying the crisp air as well! Thanks for stopping by! ❤

  12. Fall to me was always all about soccer, since that’s what my kids played. Funny how that becomes our default memory!

    1. Tara,
      Ahh, the importance of family. We had NO soccer in those days in Iowa. Marching band and football were biggies!!!

  13. Fall means my first trip to a TCRWP Institute! I thought I remember a post you wrote on tips for one’s attendance to an institute; however, my search revealed your reflections but no tips. Do you have anything to offer?

    1. Mary,
      I’m so sad to not be attending. My mother-in-law’s estate sale is this weekend!

      Tips – pack a lunch. If traveling, go early. Go to the Apple tree store and pick up snacks for lunch. Comfy shoes. You will walk. Dress in layers (Hot/cold in rooms will vary depending on the weather and the room capacity.) Post its to mark up and tab the program. Have first and second choices.

      Sit by people. (There WILL be a turn and talk or TWO!) Talk to the people next to you. Make new friends! ❤ Enjoy!

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  15. […] wrote about what I loved about a specific fall weekend in this post that listed MARCHING BAND as a big favorite. It remains a favorite. Competitions, whether a […]

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