#SOLSC20: Day 1

Ding. Ding. Ding.

I hear the ring.

But I miss the meaning.

Not my phone.

Not anyone else’s phone.

And yet . . .

Ding. Ding. Ding.



It registers!

It’s the oven timer.

Breakfast casserole is done and the timer is my reminder to check the casserole in the oven, turn it off, and grab plates and silverware.

But wait!

Are our tasks complete?

Rug moved from under cedar chest. Check.

Rug vacuumed. Check.

Rug replaced under the table. Check.

Old rug out on the deck. Check.

First round of Saturday work done.

Time for breakfast, conversation, and catching up with the week’s events.

How Leap Day began for me . . . a day of industrious work . . . cleaning, carpet shampooing, cooking, and collaboratively planning the work of co-conspirators.

What did you do on that extra day of February? 

Were you busy prepping for “Leap Day?”

Were you busy prepping for the #SOLSC20?

Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 9.01.53 PM

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this daily forum in March. Check out the writers and readers here.

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20 responses

  1. It never feels like an extra day to me – just part of the regular routine. I spent the day at a conference and then my husband and I took out kids to their very first NHL game. So much fun!

    1. What fun, Lisa! It seemed so odd when I had to write the date.

  2. Leap Day sure feels like just an extra day to complete tasks…unless you are a leap day baby and then the day must be magical. For me, it was one more day to grade papers and get ready for the coming week.

    1. Chrissy,
      Sometimes hardto distinguish the ordinary from the extraordinary. I cannot imagine being a Leap Day baby!

  3. clarejlandrigan | Reply

    I watched a movie with my son during the day! Lazy day with popcorn, talks, walks and laughs — savoring every moment he’s still under my roof full time.

    1. Clare,
      Enjoy those magical gifts of time. They pass so quickly.

  4. Funny. Several friends posted about what hey had done with their extra day. I wonder why I didn’t think about it that way. Instead, I went to school to clean off my desk.

    1. Necessities or Luxuries? Our viewpoints do matter! But how nice to have your desk tidied!

  5. For me, it did feel extra because we have a 4 day weekend! I loved it (and it gave me a day to set up my blank slice posts, but no prewriting, sigh!).

    1. Ah, but Erika, you have all those notebook pages. Post it some of those for slices!

  6. Leigh Anne Eck | Reply

    You were quite industrious with your extra day! I wish I could say the same. I like how you separated your actions from your thoughts – very effective! Happy slicing!

    1. Thanks for noticing and naming that Leigh Anne! Craft and organization DO matter! Rock on, March slicing!

  7. We celebrated leap day by having lunch with friends and then going to the Hershey Theatre to see Bandstand. Getting an extra day is cause for enjoying. I bet you house smelled good with the baking casserole.

    1. Leftover casserole was even better this am with a bit of salsa for topping.

      Lunch and theater sounds like a perfect day for you guys! Welcome to March!

  8. Absolutely love the structure of your piece. It makes it flow beautifully!

    1. Thanks! I love playing with structure as it is the foundation of all writing!

  9. This is so awesome. I love how you set it up – leading from the left margin, and your thought process on the right.

    Isn’t it funny that every beeping noise is now associated with our phones? When I set the alarm on the oven, it scares the whole family, and my wife insists that I use my phone timer.:)

    It sounds like you had a busy “leap day”. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks! I love using “visual information” to guide my reader to structures that support my thought processes.

      And yes, beeping phones! I forget when it beeps that others think it should be immediately answered. I can easily ignore it, but I should turn off notifications more often to reduce the anxiety the beeps produce in others!!!

      It was a productive day!

  10. I love your structure of this piece. The sound, the list, the ending with a yummy meal and conversation and then a question to nudge some comments. I happily helped with the school play and was glad to have an extra day to pay the bills!

    1. Thanks, Sally! I really enjoyed writing this even though I felt the pressure of time. I really wanted March to begin on a Monday so I would REALLY have some “extra” time! Glad you found your own fun with the play and bills!

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