#SOLSC20: Day 2

“This one matches perfectly.”

A bit of an eye roll behind the clerk’s back.

“It doesn’t sound like they would go together, but with the black you can easily add these greens and golds as well as these blues.”

“Can you show me an example?”

“This one provides a bit of a challenge.”

Not really a beginner’s starting point.

“What do Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, The Turkey Trot, dinosaurs, and glow in the dark have in common?”

Hint #1:  They are connected through an “art” form.

Hint #2:  Math was involved – specifically geometry – as I only purchased four kinds instead of the six requested. 

Hint #3: It is now the gift project for my grandson’s fifth birthday and it is NEW to me.

Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 10.35.45 PM

I am taking a risk. I have two months to complete this task. Two months that will fly by as I attempt a new art form. Two months to follow directions, cut, assemble, and organize this project. Risky, seeking constant feedback, learning something new . . . Ready for a challenge.

Did you guess it?

It’s a quilt. Never made one. I have designed several quilts and wall hangings, that relatives have constructed. I don’t remember sewing anything in the last 30 years. We’ll see when the expert coaching of others requires hand over hand demonstration or modeling.

Anxious? Yes. Worried? Yes. Excited? Yes.

Ready for a new challenge!

How do you handle challenges? 

What “NEW” learning have you tackled recently? 

How did it go? 

When did you know if you were successful?

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this daily forum in March. Check out the writers and readers here.

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 3.12.16 AM.png

15 responses

  1. I am sure you will create a beautiful quilt! I took a water color class at my local library and surprised myself with the outcome!

    1. I am making copious note on the process. It’s riveting, (at least to me)

  2. Leigh Anne Eck | Reply

    Oh, I was quilter before I began teaching, and LOVED it! I still have boxes and boxes of fabric! I can’t wait to see what you do with this. What a special gift it will be!

    1. Leigh Anne,
      I can picture your fabric! And some of your projects. My goal: see if the plan in my head matches the end result!

  3. I can’t begin to imagine constructing a quilt in two months. Really, I can’t imagine ever quilting. My husband recently took my sewing machine in for a tune up. I don’t think I’ve used it since the last service.

    1. Glenda,
      I am already lined up for a quilting retreat. I bet I will need two seam rippers at a minimum… one for each hand! Creating art . . . A process!

  4. You can do it, Fran. Living in a quilting household I know what goes into making one of these works of art. I look forward to hearing about your progress and seeing the completer work of art.

  5. Oh wow. I did guess quilt but only right before you revealed… at first I thought knitting. Good for you. Hope you will share photos and updates this month.

    1. Lisa,
      Knitting would have been a good guess. It’s been awhile since I’ve knitted . . . I hope I get enough done to share later!

  6. Fran – So good to read you again as I begin my second year Slicing! Good luck with your quilt – I would love to see a picture when its finished. You are an inspiration to be blogging and quilting all in the same month. Best wishes for cultivating new creations!

    1. Deborah,
      One challenge is never enough . . . LOL! I’m anxious to see how it turns out myself! My #OLW is “ENVISION” so I am leaning heavily on it as I begin this project!

  7. It’s always so fun to read your posts, Fran! I know you are up for this challenge. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

  8. I’m tackling new learning and technology and my slice today shows, sometimes it just doesn’t work! But I’ll keep trying and I know that it will improve. Best of luck with the quilt. I still have an unfinished project from almost 20 years ago. One day . . . maybe . . .

  9. […] (The reveal of this upcoming project was in this slice. (Link) […]

  10. […] posts about the birthday quilt are here, here, here and […]

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