#SOLSC20: Day 21


Right now,

I would be sitting in the front row.,

Reading the schedule,

Making my plan,

Saving seats for friends.

Right now,

I would be anticipating our welcome,

Words of wisdom

Designed to elevate our thinking

And bringing us together in solidarity.

Right now,

I would be awestruck

In the ambiance and grandeur

Of my surroundings in Riverside Church.

Right now,

I would be poised to learn,

With four thousand plus friends,

Instead I am reviewing notes and connecting with previous posts.

Right now,

I am finding my own learning path,

Focusing on joy,

Envisioning our future

With high expectations

Empowering students, families, and teachers . . .

In our new current reality imposed by COVID-19.

Right now,

Adding some humor . . .

Checking in with Mary Ehrenworth and

5 things you should NOT DO when filming a mini lesson (Adult Humor) – Link

           My Saturday Reunion “learning fix”.


Right now,

Call a friend,

Write a note,

Reach out and contact someone.

Strengthen your relationships and find a reason to laugh


What grounds you?

How are you staying connected?

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this daily forum in March. Check out the writers and readers here.

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 3.12.16 AM.png

19 responses

  1. I love this! I think I will post something I learned at a reunion on twitter right now! Thank you for lifting my spirit.

    1. Christine, So sad to not be there. So joyful to think of all I have learned there. TCRWP Office Hours this week helped! Little things!

      1. I had to miss the webinar – family obligations. Can’t wait for link. Oh – good idea. Must view office hour!

  2. Wonderful poem, Fran. I am glad for the virtual connections that are happening now, but I can NOT wait until we can all have face-to-face connections again.

    1. Lisa,
      Yes, virtual connections meet current needs but the yearning for F2F is strong! Have a great weekend!

  3. A twist on right now… perfect for right now. Virtual connections, phone conversations. and video chats are strengthening bonds, and the in-person reunions are going to be sweet. I’ve had chats with colleagues who are already friends, but we don’t often have time to talk. And I’ve had collaborations with colleagues I don’t usually get to work with. There are silver linings.

    1. Diane,
      Silver Linings are important!

  4. Where once letters and phone calls were the only ways to reach out to others in times of stress now with technology we can be in each other’s homes, sitting down, sharing a cup of coffee, and just finding comfort in seeing each other, talking together, and knowing we all face the same problems and concerns. The world is a small place.

    1. The world is a different size to communicate in!!!

  5. This has made me cry. One of the first things I said when I got up this morning was, “I should be at the Reunion today,” but your poem was what really brought the sadness home. And that picture of the empty Riverside Church….. Your beginning so captures what it’s like to be sitting there and anticipating the day to come.

    1. If you are on Twitter, tweet something about #SaturdayReunion!

  6. Thanks Fran for taking me to Riverside Church today! I too would have been there. Even spurged this month and made plans to attend a Broadway Show. I will at your suggestion, review my notes from years past! Thanks for the upbeat poem! I needed to be reminded of you and all the others who I love seeing in NY. For today, I’ll be grateful. See you soon in NY!

    1. New York, New York!
      Such a joyful learning place!

  7. Thanks for the reminder of what we will all have again, someday, soon.

    1. Soon.
      Focusing on the JOY!

  8. I know from past years how much this gathering means to you and TC fellows. So sad you are missing it. Today I would have been at a SCBWI conference in New Orleans. Instead I am enjoying the spring air and writing in my notebook. Alone, but not lonely…yet.

  9. I always benefit from your TC posts. I saw Mary’s video earlier and love her sense of humor. I wrote today about what brings me comfort and right now I think that is what we need.

  10. So many are missing this experience. I watched/attended the webinar on Thursday that TC had on distance learning. It gave me a little of that magic just seeing and hearing them. This is how our students must feel when they can’t go to school and see their friends. And Mary’s video, hysterical! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love you, my friend Fran!
    I was thinking the same thing today — I could have been at Riverside Church, sitting with you in the front row. Well…
    Take care! Keep reading, writing, and learning. See you next time!

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