#SOLSC20: Day 31

The last day of March heralds the last day of required consecutive blogging. for my seventh year of slicing.  Blogging is a comfortable habit. Most days my blog posts are efficiently and effectively drafted, revised and posted. Most. days.  But then there are those days when technology reminds me who is really in charge.

So for the last day, an old but comfortable format.

Link 1 from 2017

Link 2 from 2016

Link 3 from 2015

Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 12.39.31 AM


Waiting impatiently for my coffee to brew.

Rejoicing in the silence.

Peering into the zero dark thirty for an indication of the weather today.

Checking my links for today’s Zoom meetings.

Wondering how I lost the link to yesterday’s 5 pm Zoom session.

Mentally checking to see if my google doc is set up for my notes.

Counting off the number of Zoom sessions for today as well as my list to see if I REALLY have all my links.

Reviewing the  pages of photo album “scrap booked” for the great niece graduate.

Reading the next stack of “sorted” pictures to see if they are all alike.

Wishing I had the Trail Guide printed out so I didn’t have to jump from tab to tab (says the Queen of 101+ open tabs)!

Absorbing the heat from my coffee cup with both hands.

Checking my Flair pens to see what other colors work well on my blue paper.

Sifting mentally through ideas for today’s slice.

Bouncing from task to task to task.

Previewing my 801st blog post.

Rereading to see if the post makes sense!

Pushing the publish button for today.

What are you doing, currently? 

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this daily forum in March. Check out the writers and readers here.

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 3.12.16 AM.png



20 responses

  1. Wonderful! Absorbing the heat from my coffee cup with both hands – I love it. That – to me – is the second best thing about a cup of coffee! Loved reading you this month. Maybe on Tuesdays???

  2. Thanks for the links to previous years and a great poem to end 2021. I was surprised about 101+ tabs open at the same time. Is that even possible? My head is spinning! I loved the line about the flair pens – I love to write in different colors – green, pink, purple, and turquoise. This reminds me that one of these days I need to buy some new flair pens. It is great to visit with you here. I am going to try to join you and Mary on twitter as well. Stay safe, dear friend!

    1. Lynne,
      I can have pages of tabs . . . until my chromebook revolts. My poor random brain just bounces and then my nimble fingers open links . . . Take care, please! You and Ralph and the pups!

  3. Brian Rozinsky | Reply

    Currently, appreciating how you’ve applied this format to closing blogs over many years, now bringing you to the end of your seventh successful challenge. Bravo!

    1. Thanks, Brian! I enjoy seeing the iterations across the years. There is such a feeling of accomplishment at the end of March SOLSC.

  4. Currently, I’m again in awe of how you can so neatly wrap things up. Love the poem that truly illustrates the busyness and business of your day. Thank you for making me think every day!

    1. Diane,
      You are so thoughtful… busyness and business, YES! I learn so much from your responses! Mutual thanks

  5. Wow Fran. Congratulations on seven years of slicing! That is some feat!

    1. Truly a celebration, Christine! Thank you!

  6. Congratulations, Fran. I enjoy your posts. They are informative, thought provoking, and enjoyable. Sounds like you have a busy day lined up for yourself. 801 posts – Wow!

    1. Stats, Gotta love them! And always looking for an angle6 or a twist!!!

  7. Fran, your blog posts are often the highlight of my day. Your links, your connections, your thoughtful analysis are continual sources of “a-ha” inspiration. I had no idea a computer could have 101+ tabs open at a time!!! Stay safe. Be well. Keep telling your stories, my friend!

  8. Fran, thanks for a new format for me. I have added it to my list of future ideas. I ended up with five ideas still on my list, so I guess I will keep blogging for a while. Congratulations on seven years of this! It’s only my second time since 2017. All the best.

    1. Denise,
      SOL is always so fun to grow and learn personally. My writing process remains a source of study: volume, product and craft. Always more goals to attain!

  9. “Bouncing from task to task to task” – that says it all. Impressed with all you are currently doing. Keep on writing and congratulations on bringing your style of writing and formats to all of us, Fran.

    1. Carol,
      The lists are lengthy, branching off into so many areas! Thank you! Writing is a blessing during March and the rest of the year!

  10. Seven years! 801 blog posts! Congratulations on the accomplishments! Your writing is always enjoyable — thanks so much for sharing. 🙂 ~JudyK

    1. You are welcome, Judy! Milestones matter! Sharing is my life!

  11. Love this … and have enjoyed connecting with you here and in many of those Zoom meetings!

    1. Clare,
      Always love our F2F, blog and Zoom connections. So important to have multiple ways to connect!

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