#SOL20: #BookLove

“Do you belong to a book club?”

This question came out of the blue from a student who was working through some “online” course requirements.  My response, “Yes, and do you want to hear about it or see it?” was quickly answered with “Show me, please!”

As I shared the Facebook platform with units via the ubiquitous shared desktop in zoom, the students’ eyes glittered.  “You mean you are going to read different books EVERY week?”

I shared how the process had worked last year and that this year my goal is to participate in both elementary and secondary book clubs simultaneously so I will actually plan to participate in two DIFFERENT book clubs EVERY week! Now the student’s eyes glazed over under the realization that I was not the person who would say that reading a few chapters in one book each week was a silly assignment as I would really be reading whole books each week.

It’s year 3 for my participation in #BookLove.  Each year has looked a bit different because the elementary book club is only in its second year of operation. You can find out more about the goals of “BookLove” here and the classroom library grants for teachers which is one reason why I continue to join.  But it’s not just the book grants. It’s the community of readers, writers, teachers, and authors who come together each day/week that STRETCH my thinking. The very best part of #BookLove is the summer book club. You can see the book selections under the tab for Summer Book Club Registration.

Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 4.34.56 AM

BUT only one option is available. The online membership that provides the community of learning alongside the hundreds of teachers who will also be reading the books this summer.  You will have to order your own books from your favorite bookseller.

Not yet convinced?  I wrote about #BookLove19 here. So many changes in our lives this summer so I don’t yet know how many book clubs I will participate in, but I do know that I will be reading, writing, thinking and responding with hundreds of friends in #BookLove20.

What book clubs are you participating in? 

What does your book club WORK look like? 

How does your book club work mirror the work that is expected of students?

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this weekly forum. Check out the writers and readers here.

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12 responses

  1. Thanks for the reminder- year 3 for me too and I think I will need this book club this summer as it looks likely to be a very different kind of summer. I am currently part of a school book club (which reminds me I better send out a reminder to everyone) and a professional book club. I LOVE book clubs and get so much from them!

    1. Erika,
      I LOVE book clubs and this is one where I love spending time with the authors as well. See you soon!

  2. I belong to three book clubs, but only one of them is meeting virtually. I have mixed feelings about the Zoom meetings. I suppose we will eventually work out the kinks, but I miss the face-to-face conversation. Everybody seems to want to talk at once. Last meeting our facilitator Emailed us a list of “what I was thinking as I read the book” before we met. How do you manage book club conversations?

    1. Diane,
      Many of my clubs have met virtually around some form of google docs. I agree that missing face to face convos is a problem but it is also nice to wok through basic understandings and share, share, share links and resources! It has probably been over 10 years since I had a book club that was only F2F!

  3. Hi, Fran. I belong to one bok club with Arcadia University professors. It is online and always has been a virtual experience. I also participate in a “Before-you-read-the-book” book club gathering with Writing Project fellows. I am going to look into the Book Love Foundation book club that you suggest here. Thanks!

    1. Lynne,
      I would love a “Before you read the book club”! What a great idea!

  4. I’m in a book club with some friends. We haven’t had our spring meeting yet, and I am a little hesitant to do it on zoom because the flow of conversation seems difficult. I am also reading a professional book with my colleagues. I am planning to join #booklove this summer. I’ve been listening to Penny and Kelly during the quarantine and I look so forward to their daily conversations. Hoping to hear more of their thoughts and others in the club.

    1. Size of group matters in zoom. Otherwise conversations are tricky when some folks have a bit of delay. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE breakout rooms in zoom as one way to organize talk. Love Penny and Kelly’s daily conversations! You will enjoy the #BookLove group!

  5. Sharing ideas…learning from others…gaining insights…creating bonds…Book Clubs.

  6. Book Love is one of my favorite book clubs to do during the year! I think this is Year #4 for me and I helped to lead discussions for a few of those years. It’s one club that truly stretches my thinking and helps me find amazing people to share ideas with. I love that you are promoting this opportunity with such enthusiasm!

    1. The goal of classroom libraries is critical for student literacy lives and teachers also need fuel for their learning. What better way than a teacher book club to spark thinking? See you soon!

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