#SOL20: Planning


I have a pattern and this basket of fabric.

Time passes by. I complete project #2 and #3 and assist on another gift.

Time passes by.

I’ve studied the pattern three times and have a copy on my phone on the event I run into a “quilting shopping emergency.”

First steps today.

Four hours of planning.

When I hit this “shredding” stage with the rotary cutter, it was time to quit.

But I am probably only 1/ 3 of the way towards completion of the planning stage.

Can you name these three stages of progress?









Thoughts?         A.  ____________   B.  ____________ C. ____________

I am estimating another hour to finish this “part” up.  Then I will need to cut out 30 rectangles to attach to the 2.5 inch squares in B and C.  All this is a part of planning.  The cutting.  How many? Which patterns?  A balance of colors. A balance of designs.

And always considering the reality of assembly . . .

where the project will take shape.

White on white.


Something to hold all these pieces together.

Searching for time.

Time to develop  layout.

Time to study the layout.

Time to revise the plan.

Time to complete the accompanying tasks.

GASP!  Revising during planning?

Of course.



Where in your life are you re-visioning?

What events take more planning than than the execution?

Does your planning take two or three sessions before you can begin the task?

Does planning ultimately save you time?

Does your planning always require a written component?


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13 responses

  1. I love how you make connections to writing, teaching, and learning here. Summer is for revising! I used to think all my planning had to have a written component, but lately, I am seeing the value of talk as planning, even when no writing results. Does your planning ultimately save you time? It depends on what qualifies as ultimately… I used to think once I had taught for 5 years I would be a quick planner- now I know the more I learn the more I don’t know and planning is never quick!

    1. Talk as planning. So true, Erika. Deep planning will never be speedy but the results will be the real payoff!

  2. Fran, as I read this line: considering the reality of assembly…it made me think how you are planning with the end in mind, too. Quilting really is a perfert writing metaphor. ALL the steps needed before the Publishing Party! I focused on all the time you spent noticing. I guess because I was connecting it to my slice posted today where I am speining time noticing. I’m glad I took time to notice YOUR slice today! Please invite me to your “Quilt Publishing Party!” I can’t wait to see how all your planning pays off!

    1. Ah … publishing. Will it match the picture in my head? The picture on the pattern? Maybe life is a series of writing metaphors!

  3. There are clear connections between different kinds of creativity and you have named them here. I hope you will show us the finished product.

    1. Adrienne, I can’t wait to see if my vion matches the pattern! So many possibilities!

  4. I sense a patriotic theme here. I know for Kathy, part A is collecting fabrics (jotting down ideas). Part B involves auditioning fabrics to see which ones play well together (choosing and supporting). Part C would be making that first cut (first word on the page). Looking forward to seeing what pattern you chose and the finished product.

    1. Your familiarity with quilting allows you to quickly build those connections. Even with a rotary cutter, it was easy to tire of cutting! I’m excited because it is going to be multiples but I don’t Yet know how many. None will be exactly alike!

  5. I like the theme of re-vision, and also of the time spent in planning (sometimes taking more time than the actual deed.) Nice exploration. But it seems to me you touch on a greater philosophical issue here, maybe a willingness to re-vision. I’d love to see it explored even more, in other areas 🙂 Writing, quilting, ….?

    1. Fran,
      Thinking about flexibility in planning. What if an alternative might be better? That’s a part of re-vision / envisionment!

  6. very nice comparison – I am working on a quilt started 30 years ago. I have to admit my planning stage included note very good notes so it is an adventure working on finishing it.
    Excited to see your final steps! Have fun!

    1. Joanne,
      I am finding that directions and pictures vary. Already learning to “package” notes and ideas together (or at least take a picture) so it is on my phone and can be referenced. Interesting side note about 30 years . . . it had been at least 30 years SINCE I had sewn anything!!! So really beginning ANEW!

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