#SOLSC21: Fail

Impatiently, I listen. Silence surrounds me. I look at the clock. It’s moving slowly. I tell myself to take a deep breath and open up the computer.

Decisions. Decisions. Open up WordPress or jump to the Slices. Which way do I want to begin my day? Silly question, I already know the answer.

I listen again. Not a sound.

I promise myself that I will check as soon as I format my post. (Title and end tag line)

But then an idea emerges and I begin drafting. I’m through when my first draft when I realize that something is missing. Something vital. Missing.

I check. No lights. No smell. No warmth.

I filled the pot. Added the grounds. And promptly forgot to hit the button to start the process. Will I be able to wait the three minutes necessary? Not a choice. I must wait.

But I don’t have to wait patiently. I take the gift of time to put things away and study the contents of the frig as I contemplate a lunch menu. Time found? Maybe not that generous. Definitely not time lost.

It’s a different order. It feels uncomfortable. But the work has been accomplished. The post is drafted. I have a cup of coffee in my hand. I’m ready for a re-read.

All’s mostly right in the world. It’s hard to let go of routines and rituals that have worked so well for so long.

Well, maybe not a complete change to my ritual. Coffee, then writing is my preferred plan.

What is your response? How do you recover from failures? Do you change your actions, behaviors, or habits?


Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this daily forum during the month of March. Check out the writers and readers here.

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16 responses

  1. Love this slowed down moment.

    TBH- I forget things more when they are routine— or at least I second guess myself about them more! Glad you got your morning brew.

    1. Thanks, Pam!
      Second guessing for sure!

  2. All routines are off for me right now … I am learning a lot about change and shifting my vision. Humbling and inviting at the same time. My post this morning explains … you see I usually have tea before my coffee. Coffee didn’t even make in on my Jenga list!

    1. Omg. I thought you were tea only!
      Loved your Jenna post in your voice!

  3. Ha! Love your recovery from the routine disruption. A minor way to experience and be ok with a failure. I had not thought of it that way. And funnily enough I wrote about routines today!

    1. Maybe the weekends brought out the routine idea. Have to admit. I did ask myself if this would be a slice!

  4. Had to laugh, Fran. Last night I put some baked ziti in the oven for dinner. Went in to watch the news. Came out afterwards and noticed I hadn’t turned on the oven.

    1. Too funny!
      Just that last step!!!

  5. Nice slice. Interesting to sit with it when things go wrong. Cool to hear what you are thinking.

    1. Almost too simple, but sometimes it pays to slow down@

    2. Almost too simple, but sometimes it pays to slow down!

  6. This is a fascinating slice for me today. I was just thinking of my rituals and wondering if they hold me back or make me better. Funny how the things we rely on can make things different. I love the pacing of your piece.

    1. Enjoying what we serendipitously find in a day.

  7. Oh yes that famous not pressing the switch moment, how many times does that occur! But fortunately your routine was just altered and not spoilt!

    1. Yes, a delay . . . an alteration . . . a change. Not a disaster.

  8. […] Risk-Taking: Making and Fail […]

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