#SOL22: Communication? Curiosity?

Yesterday, my gas was $2.46 / gallon.

What a bargain!

But how does this work?

I had the discount from the grocery store. So many cents per specific items purchased at Hy-Vee, the Iowa-based grocery store. AND the receipt from Sunday with an additional $.10 / gallon off.

What did I have to do?

I first had to get gas at the Hy Vee pumps adjacent to the store. That was easy. The vehicle was on empty. It would be a bonus to fill up for less than $2.50 / gallon. Bargain, yes! Unfamiliar process? Yes, as well!

There were no signs on the gas pump that indicated how to conduct this purchase. So I opted to go into the store and physically talk to the clerk on duty. A real person. A real conversation.

I didn’t have time to finish my question and the clerk was already answering, “Choose pay inside and we’ll take care of it.

So back outside and cautiously and curiously I approached the pump.

“Pay inside / Pay outside” flashed as choices.

As prompted while inside the store, I pushed “pay inside.
The rest of the windows and prompts were familiar.

I filled the tank and returned to the store … ready to pay.

The clerk verified the steps. Original price minus the discounts from the grocery store minus the $.10 for using the discount


minus another $.05 for paying inside.

End result. As the first line said, gas was $2.46 / gallon.

How did that occur?

Asking questions

Seeking clarity.

A bit of curiosity and wonder.

Enough time to ask questions.

Listening to the answers.

Face to face communication.

Where has your curiosity led you? What conversations have you had lately?


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11 responses

  1. As I start another school year, I’ve been noticing all the places and moments I read and am curious. Then I can use these as stories with my students as I encourage their curiosity. YOU documented the process so well for a useful goal – saving money at the gas station! Thnaks for sharing.

    1. Sally,
      My small moments are so heavy on people and / or places. I’m trying to work in things! And yes, practical like saving money!

  2. Your curiosity definitely benefited you. I love examples like this. Sometimes all the hoop jumping is worth it! I sometimes give up after too many steps (another lesson ready to be learned).

    1. Erika,
      There were a couple of times as I went back and forth that I wondered if it was all worth it. Time, energy expended, time . . . but it wasn’t raining and I was not in a rush so my #OLW of being patient actually paid off.

  3. Wow! What a great lesson in asking questions and being curious!

    1. YES! There are rewards! This wasn’t just a “one-time” thing either!

  4. Definitely a bargain, Fran. Earning gas points while shopping for what you need is a smart way to go. We do that at our grocery store as well.

    1. Financial gain is a win/win! It was a really smart thing to learn. I didn’t know that there was the extra $.05 for inside payment. I am guessing that they believe the added inside incidental purchases)

  5. I am the person who would rather not engage with a person at times like these. but it paid off! And I think curiosity is a valuable trait and communication is a muscle. Good reminder in a fun story. We all love that cost-savings!

    1. Fran,
      For routine tasks like this, I am so in “git ‘er done mode” with the least interruption and / or interaction!

  6. I love the tiny votes for “in-person” communication that accompany the thread of curiosity. It started with the “clerk on duty. A real person. A real conversation. I find myself writing these sort of short sentences to layer on the detail. It’s fun to see it in your writing, too!

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