#SOLSC: Perspective

The meteorologist says, “50% chance of rain today.” I grab my umbrella before I head out the door as I wonder if I will REALLY need the umbrella. Does 50% mean at noon, midafternoon or evening? Or is that percentage just an average for the day? They are NOT showing hourly forecasts so it’s NOT the latter. But is it some combination? I just want to know … What’s the likelihood that I will be standing in the rain today?

Life happens. How we respond to life is shaped by our perspective.

When there is a glass sitting on the table … is it mostly full? Or mostly empty?

Are full or empty or some degree therein our major choices?

I captured this on Facebook a while back but did not see an author claiming ownership.

Which glass/ label fits you best?

Quotes about Perspective:

  • “What people in the world think of you is really none of your business.” ― Martha Graham. …
  • “To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.” ― Stephen R. …
  • “You will always define events in a manner which will validate your agreement with reality.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free.

And here’s a favorite!

In stories, perspective can play a variety of roles.

This poem can be read from top to bottom . . .

OR from bottom to top.

Best poems about Perspective from Poetry Soup here.

As you go forth today, what perspective will you embrace? How will we know?


Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this daily March forum. Check out the writers and readers here.


17 responses

  1. I love all the images you inserted as you pondered your question. As for the glasses, I’m a combination of artist and writer!! (I prefer Kentucky Old Forester Bourbon!) And I do agree that it is by zooming OUT that we are able to really see.

    1. Sally,
      You are an artist and a writer with definite preferences! “Seeing” provides so many opportunities for reflection!

  2. This is brilliant! I love the smooth transition from the humorous debate of the umbrella to thoughtful contemplations (and images) on perspective. It’s all about the mindset/perspective you maintain!

    1. Thanks, Schuyler. An umbrella is not a typical March fashion statement but I do hate to be soaking wet! It is totally about perspective even when it “shifts”.

  3. I love how you put this together….and anytime I can gain a bit of perspective, that is definitely a good thing! Teenagers (I teach 8th graders and have a few at home, too) definitely can help with reminding me to zoom out and see the bigger picture!

    1. Zooming out (and in) have their roles for sure … at every age!

  4. Well, I enjoyed your post and am glad I took the time to read the poem from bottom to top! I am most often an optimist and have always tried to live my life that way. My husband tends to be a realist or pessimist. He even hates fall because he says that fall means winter is not far behind!

    1. Lynne,
      I’m a combination of several of the perspectives so I do love seeing where others feel they belong. Isn’t that poem great? What a wonderful way to write!

  5. Your slices this month are offering plenty of perspective with the reflections, quotes, and poetry. So interesting to look at things in different ways.

    1. Diane,
      Thanks! That has been my goal. And I had started a post about my pattern for the month but I was waiting to see when it surfaced instead. (I’m still thinking about the power of poetry after an impactful CCIRA session in Feb.)

  6. For me perspective changes according to my mood or how I feel. I like to think that most time I am optimistic. I think our perspective is often shaped by the outcomes we have experienced in previous similar situations.

  7. I love how you offered a feast of images/perspectives in your slice about perspective. So meta my mind is thinking hard. Love your writing style.

    1. Thanks. This was a fun slice to write!

  8. Hmm. Today I feel consistently inconsistent. LOL. But I agree that our experiences shape our perspective.

  9. Oh, that poem! I’m sharing it with some people in key places. LOVE it. And I want the writer’s glass. It might be a night for an old-fashioned.

    1. Any beverage will work!

  10. Such an interesting post, Fran. Clever and thought-provoking. I’m an optimist, sometimes I set myself up for disappointment.

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