The oil is hot,

The chicken is sliced,

And like a needle scratching across a vinyl record,

I stop.


I shake my head and mutter

“Shrimp today and chicken Saturday.”

Friday’s plan was shrimp fried rice

and crab rangoon.

Saturday’s was chicken … something.

So I cooked the chicken,

bagged it,

and refrigerated it.

I began again.



cole slaw mix,

soy sauce,


and my fried rice seasoning.

Just another seafood Friday in Lent!

In November of 2020 I began a blog post with this quote from Collen Cruz.


So much wisdom in Colleen’s book.



Rise. (Book link)

Mistakes can be fixed and there may be multiple solutions!

During a #G2Great chat in 2021, Collen defined “mistake” in a tweet.

That blog post titled “Good Enough” can be found here.

That definitely reminds me of my sloppy mistake during lunch prep today. I was following the package directions even though I had planned ahead, thawed out the shrimp and yet I also sliced up the chicken and had it ready to stir fry. Silly, fixable mistake.

I’ve written about them in other posts and I also often talk about mistakes or “missed takes” with students and teachers. I’m very human! It’s so nice to get that first mistake of the day in early so I don’t have to worry or fret about WHEN it will occur!

You might like to explore these 15 poems about mistakes. (link)

How do you respond when you make a mistake? When others make a mistake? Do you give yourself and others “grace”?


Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this daily March forum. Check out the writers and readers here.


15 responses

  1. Perfect title for a topic that I relate to well. I try to add a chuckle (like I did as I read your slice – silly mistake!) and remind myself that I get to choose my attitude.

    1. So important to choose an attitude that results in forward motion!!!

  2. I definitely give more grace to others when they make a mistake…not as much to myself. Great lesson for today!

    1. So true.
      So much easier to extend grace to others!

  3. Food mistakes if they are edible are ok, if not edible it’s sad.

  4. Following same meat free Fridays, I put bacon on my son’s egg sandwich but didn’t catch until after. Oh well. Love how you turned it into a slice.

    1. Being willing to admit that life is not error free is one part. Taking advantage of changing one’s mindset is another!

  5. An easy fix. Most mistakes present an opportunity to learn. I think our educational system places too much emphasis on success. We should not be afraid to fail. We learn something from each mistake. I am going back to read the poems. Your posts always give us so much to think about!

    1. Yes, the system does but we also perpetuate those expectations!

  6. It was not a mistake. It was getting a head start on Sunday’s meal so that you can have a little more time to relax and do other things because your chicken is now ready to go.

    1. Yes, Mr. Optimist. Early prep work.
      Worry free Saturday lunch!

  7. Lovely post with a great reminder of how many mistakes can be easily fixed. I sure appreciate the comment missed takes. Cornelious Minor has some great points about how important it is to allow students to practice before being assessed since it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re first learning a skill.

  8. This is great fun to read and be reminded of Colleen’s post and what we can learn from our mistakes. I have been making quite a few recently….

  9. This sounds less like a mistake and more like having multiple brain tabs open at one time! I have a poster in my library that starts with “it’s okay to make mistakes”. It’s as much a reminder for myself as it is for the students.

    1. “Multiple brain tabs open at one time”
      So true!

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