#SOLSC23: Unsettled

Foggy weather

And it’s spring.

Slow traffic

And yet it’s moving.

Hazy, no sun

And it’s disturbing.

The sun only shines once a week,

And the weather contributes to the unease.

Weary bones

And it’s early,

Too early to “rise and shine”

What is this season?

As the calendar says spring

And the temperature says,


Not yet springeeetee

And tiny green tendrils

stretch out

As the daffodils and tulips

Welcome the day.

If it snows will it kill off tender buds

And plants?

Will they survive?

Is it SPRING yet?

“Chat GPT has this to say:

“Is it spring in Iowa? Find the answer and supporting details”

As an AI language model, I do not have access to real-time weather data. However, according to historical weather patterns in Iowa, spring typically starts in late March and lasts until late May.

During this time, the temperatures in Iowa gradually start to warm up, and the snow melts away. Trees and flowers begin to bloom, and t? he landscape starts to turn green again. Farmers in Iowa begin to prepare their fields for planting, and many outdoor activities, such as hiking and fishing, become popular again.

It’s important to note that weather patterns can vary from year to year, so the exact timing of the arrival of spring in Iowa may vary slightly. It’s always a good idea to check local weather forecasts for the most up-to-date information.”

March 22, 2023

Have you checked out ChatGpt yet? It just may surprise you! Or it may leave you “Unsettled”.

March 22, 2023

Additional poetry can be found here. https://www.poetryfoundation.org/collections/137291/spring-poems








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11 responses

  1. Your Spring weather sounds mercurial. I hope clear skies are on the horizon.

    1. Today: snow, snow thunder, thunderstorms, and rain are just a few of the spring weather variations!

  2. This poem shows how the writer has the background knowledge of what spring is. However…. it’s not an exact month or date. But the evidence you include (tiny green tendrils) offer hope. I chuckled as I read your question to ChatGpt!! I haven’t tried it yet but quite the buzz among my ELA colleagues!!

    1. Thanks for acknowledging background knowledge. The weather doesn’t always match the calendar. I’m trying to use ChatGpt every day to check out the range of possibilities. Right now it’s solidly ine the gray area…. neither black nor white ( good or bad). It depends!

  3. I had to remind the kids when we were doing calendar that even though it says spring, we have to remember that this is just the start of the season and what is to come in the next couple of months. I reminded them even though I was wondering myself where that spring time weather was.

  4. Wonderful writing, Fran!

  5. Love your weather poem! Spring in Pennsylvania can look different, too, depending on La Nina or El Nino weather patterns. Daffodils are hardy and can survive some snow. Thanks for the link to poetry foundation. I have used it often. Like your closing line, Is it spring yet?

    1. Sunshine and little wind are on my list. It doesn’t even have to be super warm!

  6. Mother Nature and the calendar don’t always agree on what the season is. It is a standoff as to who will win.

    1. Snow in northern Iowa = 4 6 inches today. Not us. Only rain.
      Thank goodness.

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