#SOLSC23: Quirks

I wanted to take a quick “selfie” that included the specific logo on my shirt, but I paused as I looked at the shot I had captured. Part of the shirt, my phone, and earbuds. What wasn’t evident was the game on the TV. It took two distinctly separate devices for me to “watch” my team. My team. Winning. Cautiously beginning to prep for that “first time in the Final Four” in 30 years. Wow! 30 years! With a three-year-old at that time, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t really following along in 93. Aware but not invested in the outcome is my best guess for the time. What was disconcerting about my picture? I was following the visual on the TV without sound. I was appalled by the ignorant, shoddy, and arrogant sportscasters. I was listening to a team-based radio broadcast on my phone. The professionalism oozed from my phone. It wasn’t over-the-top coverage, instead it had a knowledgeable team covering the events.

What made the radio team successful?

They reported play-by-play calls. ⁰ They didn’t argue with the calls made by the game referees. They named fouls. When it wasn’t obvious who the foul was on, they actually waited for identification from the officials. The focus was on the two teams playing. Halftime did include mention of other teams but not in speechifying mode ad nauseum. They were comfortable with short bursts of silence. They did not spend over ten minutes speculating on the “Player of the Year” award who was not playing in the current game. Are we excited? Of course, but the average ticket for the Final Four is $367 so that doesn’t seem possible. And we know that being there in the room is the best possible way to watch a great sporting event. So I will settle for watching it on TV and listening to the play-by-play coverage on the radio.

Two final gripes!

Do we believe that we have the national Player of the Elite 8 bracket? Of course, we do. No female or male basketball player has ever had a 41-point triple-double in an NCAA tournament game. And the fact that this same athlete had a triple-double in the conference tournament championship game as well as this game! And when do the Women’s Basketball championships finally get their own major network coverage? Title 9 is 50 years old. Let’s not leave Men’s basketball at a better viewing location on CBS if Women’s basketball doesn’t get equal access.

As March winds down, what quirks have you discovered this month?

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11 responses

  1. Interesting, Fran. I liked your commentary and applaud you for tuning in to radio and muting the TV sound. Philly teams do not get great coverage – we are not liked. It is frustrating but I do not think it will change. I hope your team makes it to the final four and goes on to win everything!

    1. Well, next up is number one so it will be a challenge. To have 3 teams from our conference in the Elite 8 was a big deal. Many records being broken!

  2. I know that you and Barb Edler are so happy about your team. I’m a South Carolina Gamecock, and our girls are doing really well too. Cheers to both teams as we continue through March. I’m pulling for Iowa, because when my writing people are fans, then that makes ME a fan, too. I think I’m gonna need a shirt…….

    1. It was a tough day yesterday. Celebrating the win and yet Our assistant coach of the year lost her father. A sad/ happy day.

  3. I sometimes think sportscasters on TV have a dreadful fear of on-air silence and so they have to fill every moment with some kind of prattle. Good luck to the ladies.

    1. Good point. Is it a fear of on-air silence or a love of hearing their own voices that causes the nonsensical prattle?

  4. Congrats on your team making it to the Final Four!
    Tuning in to watch-only and listening to the radio is a good solution. It’s a shame that the TV coverage isn’t better.
    I learned about Caitlin Clark yesterday. She’s a force to be reckoned with!

    1. Thanks, Stacey. Love that Caitlin’s almost at 1000 points and leads the nation in assists. So much fun to watch someone play at her level!

  5. Not so much a quirk as very perceptive critique!
    I’m sharing this post with my husband, I’ll bet he appreciates your opinions.

    1. TV coverage has been so spotty for Women’ts basketball. If the announcers are decent, the folks back in the studio seem absolutely clueless … or vice versa. It has been an interesting year to follow women’s BB.

  6. […] Fran wrote a wonderful slice about her reflections during March Madness. This piece inspired me to reflect on my own preferences […]

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