#SOLSC23: In Summary

In the order of March, my spine poetry would look like this in the first round.

House – Home
Round Robin
Food Insecurity
Iowa Women
Round Robin
What’s in a name?
Side Gigs

The chronological listing is a great starting point. It gets the words organized but it’s missing something!

Draft #2

March 2023 Slice of Life

House/ Home is the opening slice

Closely followed by a peek into Family

With revealing details in Reader-ness.

A glimpse into Wordle.

Resulting in Frustration.

And to begin another round with Rules,

a variety of forms of Round Robin (not all particularly loathsome),

Checking in with Perspective,

As we dig into deeper Meaning

With the appropriate Currency.

Life is not perfect so we find an OOPS

As we talk about Piecing quilts, and

Computers that are contrary,\

So many facing Food Insecurity

And a personal whine about a Cowlick.

Continuing on with the Iowa Women who are in the FINAL FOUR tonight and Caitlyryn Clark as POY,

A check into family Ancestry,

A Slicer Zoom meet-up that evolves into a Respectful post,

The significance of 182,

and the ever-necessary ingredient for engagement: Choices.

Diving into Patterns,

Sharing Memories,

Might leave one Unsettled,

And yet perhaps some time remains to play with Alliteration

Or revisit Round Robin.

Beginning anew with What’s in a name?

Illuminating some Quirks,

Enough. Enough. Enough.

Always time for Reflection,

Yesterday’s Side Gigs,

and the finale today – In Summary.

How will you choose to reflect on writing for the last month? What have you learned from your slices? What is your next goal?


Thank you,

In Writing Teachers, for this daily forum in March. Check out the writers and readers here.

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12 responses

  1. You made me realize that writing daily makes us reflect and take note of our daily activities that we might forget or pass by. What a blessing to experience this with such great people. Thanks for being here and reflecting with me.

  2. I especially enjoy your draft slices- seeing your process is inspiring.

  3. I will miss reading your slices as part of my morning routine. I particularly enjoy the invitation for further reflection at the end of each entry. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I liked this recap. Neat idea.

  5. Wow, Fran! A great summary of your work. My reflection will be more about what I’ve learned about myself as a writer and my takeaways from #SOL23. Thanks for all you have shared with us.

  6. Looking back at our month of writing gives a glimpse into our lives…what we were thinking, feeling…what is important to us…what angered us…what moved us. Fran, you always provide thoughtful questions in your posts. Thanks.

  7. Fascinating to see how you crafted a poem form your titles.

  8. Your titles are so punchy and strong! I enjoyed them poem where you “annotate” them just a little bit. So glad to have gotten to know you better this March, Fran!

  9. Fran, this is a fascinating way to reflect on your writing throughout the month. I also do a monthly goal update for writing and other areas and I want to look at doing something similar to what you have done to look for emerging themes track my progress like you have done. Thank you so much for this inspiration.

  10. What a fun summary!! I appreciate you sharing how you did it too. Often I like process more than product! Thanks also for being a top commenter to my blog!! Your written thoughts kept me going! Have a lovely spring, my friend!!

  11. First off, GO IOWA! You were the first person I thought of this morning when I read about the game. (I couldn’t stay up!) And I love your poem and reflection about the month of writing. You and Jodi Mahoney are great keepers of and reflectors about your writing. I’m inspired to to a better job! I might be texting you during the finals– somehow I know you’ll be watching! And tonight… go UConn!

    1. Yep. Tornadoes all around but Hawkeyes truly with the pedal to the metal in that game..Ready for WBB to break away from ESPN.

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