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Common Core Must Reads

When you consider CCR.RI.1 how do you decide what evidence is most relevant, accurate, and informative?  Does it need to parallel or mirror your own existing thoughts so you can cheer, “Good job!” when you get to the end?

Or does the evidence get you to stop and think?  Perhaps reread?  Talk to a friend?  Write a blog? Does it ever make you wonder what you really “know?”

There are many wonderful blogs on a variety of topics.  The two blogs that have increased my level of understanding of the Common Core English Language Arts Anchor Standards with files of evidence of learning are:

(drum roll, please . . .)

1. Burkins and Yaris Think Tank for 21st Century Literacy


or in Twitterdom @burkinsandyaris

Go to the second button “Our Favorites” and pull down the menu to see such choices as:

  • Article Archive
  • Assessments
  • Close Reading
  • Common Core Resources
  • Common Core Work in the States


Climbing the Staircase of Complexity (Parts 1 and 2) might be a blog post of special interest to you!  Wander around a bit to see what’s available!

2. Teaching the Core


or in Twitterdom @davestuartjr

Dave Stuart Jr. will help your brain cells grow when you read his blogs about all 32 English Language Arts CCR Anchor Standards.  The header for his blog is posted below.  Time spent with all of the CCSS posts will be an incredibly good use of your time.  As you read them, please do think about your own applications of the CCR Standards ESPECIALLY if you are a high school ELA teacher.  If you work in an elementary or middle school, think about how you truly do help create that staircase of learning so students can meet the end goal – College and / or Career Ready!


What did you learn from reading these blogs?  Please “Leave a Reply” below!

Smarter Balanced Assessments

I just finished reading Maureen Devlin’s post about teachers taking assessments.  That is a practice that would benefit teachers of all grade levels and content areas.  Check out that post – Take the Test!  (And if you are on Twitter, you should be following her @lookforsun)

Smarter Balanced Assessments are available for preview!  Have YOU worked through any of the sample items or tasks?

Sample Items and Tasks

Accessing the Sample Items and Tasks

The sample items and performance tasks are compatible with desktop and laptop computers with the following Internet browsers:

•       Firefox 3.6 or newer

•       Internet Explorer 8 or newer

•       Chrome 18 or newer

•       Safari 4.1 or newer

In addition, Android and iPad tablets with 9.5 inch screens (10 inch class) or larger are supported with the following Internet browsers:

•       Chrome 18 or newer (Android)

•       Safari 4.1 or newer (iPad)

Explore sample items and performance tasks:

•       English language arts/literacy

•       Mathematics

•       Frequently asked questions (PDF)

(Thanks to Deb Hindman at the Iowa Department of Education for this information about SBAC!)

Do you want to see more than one passage? Additional SBAC Sample Items

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) has released sample items that teachers and districts can use as part of their preparation in the transition to SBAC related assessments.

What did you learn from  the sample tasks?  

If the assessment task asked the reader  to identify three key ideas, is it possible to highlight more than three and increase the likelihood of a correct answer?  

Were any of the answers questionable in your own mind?

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