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#SOL16: March Challenge Day 19 NYC


I’m in New York City!  (Can you see that look of awe in my eyes?)  Soon I will be sitting in Riverside Church . . . eagerly anticipating this gift of a day!

Saturday is the 90th Saturday Reunion at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia! About 5000 of my #TCRWP friends (new, current, and not YET met)!

Learning, laughing and listening into conversations with some of the brightest minds in literacy!

Before That

Before that, I was eating Chinese takeout and enjoying brilliant conversation.

Before that, I was completing “homework” in the form of responding to a survey and suggested changes.

Before that, I was out for a fresh slice of pie, a walk, a visit to the dog park, fresh air and exercise in New York City.

Before that, I was in Everett Lounge, Zankel Hall, completing a spot of work, recharging electrical devices, and gearing up for the weekend!

Before that, I was so excited to have my feet on the ground. Now it was time to hunt for a restroom and then off to ground transportation for a cab ride to 525 West 120th Street on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Before that, It was looking out the plane window, seeing houses in rows like dominoes some in straight lines, but rows and rows of houses. Sometimes curved lines..and then turbulence ….crosswinds. Oh, stomach hold on! Color, shapes, diagonals. So many patterns from this bouncy house ride.

Before that, Reading, and then an announcement, “25 minutes out.” “Prepare cabin.” Descending. Time for ears to pop.

Before that, Coffee. Cruising at 37,000 feet and COFFEE! My first cup for the day! Starbucks coffee… Maybe five ounces in the cup. Inhaling the scent… 1 hour and 30 minutes of flight time left. Thinking about advantages of nonstop flight…. Time saved. Actually cheapest by the time I booked it!

Before that, Pushing back from the terminal. Lift off! Noticing how green the grass is from the air. Nature’s way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day yesterday.

Before that, Boarding the plane. Chatting about Vera Bradley patterns. Stuffing bag into overhead bin. Settling in and nesting with devices at the ready.

Before that, Listening to multiple messages about the flight. Before that, Messages, both email and Voxer about joke book possibilities.

Before that, Logging into Amazon and buying joke books.

“What do you call a pig in Ontario?”

“Canadian bacon”

“What do you call a dog in a beauty salon?”

“A sham-poodle”

Before that, checking into the world of Twitter and Voxer. Sending and receiving messages. Noting the number of people on devices. All but the two girls reading joke books from National Geographic!

Before that, checking the screen for my flight and proceeding to Terminal C, Gate 1 at the Des Moines International Airport.

Before that, picking up bags, phone and ID, and asking the gentleman in front of me if that’s his phone still in the bowl in front of war my bags were on the conveyer belt.

Before that, walking into terminal, proceeding to expedited screening with three in line not fifty plus in line extending back to escalator, set 2 bags on conveyor, put phone and ID into bowl, step through screening.

Before that, Driving to airport, getting ticket for long term parking, parking and taking picture of location. Attaching it to calendar for return home.

Before that, Loading the car.

Before that, Verifying that I have TSA pre-screening and checking to see that the driver’s license is valid.

Before that, shower, repack, organize power for phone and computer only.

Before that, The br-r-r-ing of the 5 am wake up call.

Before that, I checked the clock…4:43.

Before that, I checked the clock….3:37.

Before that, I was sound asleep and dreaming of my upcoming learning at Teachers College.

Process … I made notes throughout the day after checking my “Before That”post from last year inspired by Sally Donnelly. I typed this up last evening so it would be ready to go. Categories, tags, etc. Format looking so VERY funky – even on preview! No Text box to type inside of. Technology FAILED again this week!

slice of life 2016

Thank you, Anna, Betsy, Beth, Dana, Deb, Kathleen, Stacey, and Tara. Check out the writers, readers and teachers here.  It’s the March Slice of Life Challenge so be ready to read DAILY posts!

#SOL15: March Challenge Day 31 – Before That

(Following the example of Sally Donnelly, a colleague and friend that I met face to face Saturday .  .  .  you can read her “Before That” here.)

Before That

I arrived home last night just before dark, without having encountered any deer, in my blue Hyundai rental without cruise control, eternally grateful that I was able to monitor my speed while excited about my weekend of learning.

Before that, I was thankful that I did not need the picture that I snapped of the fire extinguishers on the wall of the parking ramp near my car in order to remember where I left it after my mad dash to the airport on Friday following all day PD!

Before that, my US Airways jet landed in Des Moines in the midst of a balmy yet windy 75 degree afternooon. (I didn’t believe the pilot, I had to text a friend for verification. 75? Really?)

Before that, my US Airways jet finally departed the Washington DC airport after two hours of delay due to undisclosed maintenance.

Before that, we deplaned after 30 minutes of sitting on the tarmac.

Before that, we began boarding at the time listed on tickets for our departure.

Before that, we were shuttled to our departure terminal after the bus idled in our rectangular-painted location until the corresponding bus left Terminal 23 – our destination.

Before that, our shuttle flight landed in DC . . . exactly one hour late.

Before that, I was using the internet at LGA to stay caught up with email, slices, and organizing pictures captured over the weekend.

Before that, I was clearing check in and security literally in seconds due to TSA pre-check status and at my departure terminal in minutes.

Before that, I was on my way to the airport in a yellow cab, relishing the fact that 50% of the folks at Central Park were wearing shorts and the other 50% were bundled up from head to toe in winter coats.

Before that, I finished packing and added a few last minute thoughts to a document as I contemplated topics for my last March Challenge slice as well as beginning curious thoughts about what “traditional Tuesday” slicers would find for imaginative topics.  My current list of all the modes of transportation from the weekend in NYC (in reverse order):  taxi, walk, subway (loud guy), walk (“reading glasses”), subway, subway, walk, subway, walk, subway, bus, walk, walk, walk, walk, taxi, plane, walk, plane, walk, and rental car.

Before that, I had a hearty American breakfast at the Nice Matin, adjacent to the Lucerne Hotel, on the upper-west side of Manhattan because with a full day of travel, a solid breakfast to begin the day beats any and all airport food.

Before that, I read and responded to daily “slices” as well as posting my own and linking it at Two Writing Teachers.

Before that, I woke at 6:00 on my last morning in New York City (this trip to Teachers College Reading and Writing Project) in the fabulous Lucerne Hotel.

*  *  *  *  *

THANKS for reading my daily posts during March!

*   *   *   *   *

This is the last day of the March Daily Challenge. Check out the writers, readers and teachers who are “slicing” here. Thanks to Stacey, Anna, Beth, Tara, Dana and Betsy at “Two Writing Teachers” for creating a place for us to share our work.  So grateful for this entire community of writers who also read, write and support each other!


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