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#SOL18: The Turtle and the Hare

Remember the old, old, old tale.  The turtle challenged the rabbit (of course it may have been called a hare) to a race because he was so tired of hearing the rabbit brag about how fast he was.  So the rabbit took off, ran a great part of the race and then decided to take a short nap to literally rest on his laurels. The noise of the animals cheering for the tortoise woke up the hare who ran to the finish line, but the turtle had already crossed and won.

Lesson:  Slow and steady can beat fast and inconsistent.

Many longer versions talk about the rabbit annoying all the animals by his bragging about his speed. Finally, totally disgusted the tortoise challenged the hare to a race.

Lesson:  Pride goeth before a fall.

Another version suggests that after the race the turtle tells the rabbit that their friendship is more important than winning a silly race. And they are best friends, BFF, forever.

Lesson:  Of course, the rabbit does not believe that because WINNING is everything!

So not everything in life is always black and white or absolutely the opposite.

And YET . . .

Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 10.40.01 PM

Are you usually an early person?

Are you usually a late person?

Do you measure that time in minutes?

Do you cut it down to the very last second?

Is it a familial trait?

Is it a learned behavior?

What’s the degree of annoyance when timelines aren’t met?

When does “time’ matter enough to be “on time?

Does your timeliness depend on the situation?

When is it okay to be late?

When is it a good time to be early?

How do you know?

What social cues tip you off?

How do our beliefs about time impact others?

When do others have to “wait” for us?

How do our beliefs about “late” impact others?

When do your “time issues” become an issue for those around you?

Does time really matter?

(Just for you, DS!)

Don’t Blink!

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#SOL18: Early? Late!

“Be ready at 1,” Sherry said as we left the evening of playing cards.

So I call about 10 minutes out.  But it’s 11:50.

“Are you about ready?”

I hear a litany of tasks and to do’s and my sister sounds surprised.

I was thinking . . . “Be there at 1. At the destination!

Sherry says, “We can get started if you get . . .”

“But it was supposed to be a surprise!” 

I sneakily grab the document. Scan. Upload. Share.

“So where are we going?”


“Jess wondered why I didn’t ask where we were going.  But I told her I did.”

I just shook my head.

Packing up. Paying attention to road closures due to flooding creeks and raging rivers.

Talking. Driving. Talking. Following the GPS.  And yet there was just one turn.

“I could tell you the directions if you let me know WHERE we were going,” as my elder sister tried again to figure out the surprise.

All the Marek girls.  And just in time.  The paperwork was done. With keys in hand it was time to pick up the new wheels and celebrate a birthday!

Was your last planned surprise really a surprise?  This one was! 

A big surprise that she was ready EARLY! 

And a Happy Birthday!

Thank you, Betsy, Beth, Deb, Kathleen, Kelsey, Lanny, Melanie, and Stacey for this weekly forum from Two Writing Teachers. Check out the writers, readers and teachers here.                                                              slice of life 2016

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