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#SOL16: Remembering 9/11

Sharing a Collection of Resources today after the 15 year anniversay:

In the news

On Facebook from the Westport Library,  “We are live streaming “Healing through Art & Words” with authors Nora Raleigh Baskin, Gae Polisner, Jewell Parker Rhodes, Wendy Mills, and Lauren Tarshis.” (Description here)

The New York Times

New Books



Towers Falling

The Memory of Things 

Two Writing Teachers – Stacey Shubitz – Remembrance Ideas

What to Read Aloud?  Sally says for 3rd grade  . . . Seven and a half tons of Steel

Nerdy Bookcast – Episode 3

NCTE online – Dear Teachers  – Letters to Another Hero  (found on Twitter)

From my sister who lost a dear friend. . .

Quilt squares created by friends/family of Nina Bell, RIP 9/11

quilt squares.jpg

A story about the quilt “in the making” from Sherry. “Remembering 9/11. RIP Nina Bell. I was fortunate to find an archive of an article on a quilt that my mother, Mary Marek, made. It was created with pictures, thoughts, impressions of Nina’s friends across the US and abroad. The article was written by my sister-in-law, Mary Marek, who used to write for the Kalona News in Iowa.

From my blog post archives

The Survivor Tree

9/11 In Remembrance (The Museum and a Song)

Reading and Writing Instruction: Paired Mentor Texts

What do you remember from 9/11?

Why is it important to remember?

slice of life

Thank you, Betsy, Beth, Dana, Deb, Kathleen, Lisa, Melanie, and Stacey for this weekly forum. Check out the writers, readers and teachers here. 

Today, I just needed a place to “collect and store my ideas” and not write long about any of them!

Also, love this picture – I wanted to add it to the comments – more study needed to figure that out!  Hartford, CT Flag of Honor with every person’s name . . .

flag of honor Hartford CT.jpg



#TCRWP Travel


3:47 am landing in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday.

Before that,

we had drinks and snacks served on the nonstop Delta flight.

Before that,

we actually departed LaGuardia.

Before that,

Our captain, with flying hours left, arrived from Canada and was released from his previous plane.

Before that,

we had libations comped courtesy of the captain.

Before that,

we wondered if a captain could be found or if we would be required to deplane.

Before that,

we watched as passengers in the first bus returned because the catering truck left without filling water, ice, and the necessities for flight.

Before that,

we entered a bus to head to our plane scheduled for a non-stop flight to Des Moines.

Before that,

the long awaited announcement that our flight was ready to board.

Before that,

the announcements of restricting the number of flights in NYC airspace.

Before that,

the announcement that the FAA closed the airport due to lightning strikes within 3 miles of the runaways.

Before that,

resettling at a new gate without electrical plug ins.

Before that,

the announcement that our flight would now be leaving from Gate D12.

Before that,

I began writing my blog post for Saturday.

Before that,

As flights resumed, I was finally able to find a seat in a “re-charge” area.

Before that,

I considered myself lucky to have a seat in the terminal packed with folks like me ~ eager to travel ~ but grounded when the FAA closed the airport runways due to a tornado warning.

Before that,

I was recording reading notes and sobbing while reading.

Before that,

I sat and devoured . . .  What a great pairing!  Thanks, Justin, Susie and Sally for recommending such great choices!



Before that,

I was at the #TCRWP Closing for the 2016 June Reading Institute!  Surrounded by friends and so many folks who LOVE reading!

Before that,

I was at the #TCRWP 2016 June Writing Institute!


Screenshot 2016-07-03 08.15.20


Eventful travels home from #TCRWP June Reading Institute?  

Still in NYC? 

Safe travels for all learners!   And especially for those soon heading to ILA16 in Boston!


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