#SOL22: Friggatriskaidekaphobia

A target on the calendar.

Just a number.

But . . .

It started like any ordinary day.

Normal. Normal coffee. Normal reading. Normal writing. Normal or at least routine emails. Off to sew. Deadlines looming on several projects. The simultaneity of multiple projects in varying stages.

Attaching the binding. There’s the first inkling. It’s not attached. I can see the tiny row of stitching marks but there is no thread there. Tiny, threadless holes.

Best seam ever.

No bobbin thread. Must resew AFTER filling a bobbin or two.

What should be automatic descends into a time-crushing task. The thread spins off the bobbin as I let go. The crease in my finger stings as I rethread the bobbin. That’s two.

The phone interrupts. My hope of efficiently completing this task . . .

Not going to happen!

The phone call leads to another and then a quick email. Time races by.

The binding task incomplete. Actually barely begun. I opt for re-pressing the project to regain my momentum. I load the newly filled bobbin, pull up the thread, center the needle and lower the presser foot.

AND press the foot pedal to sew.


No motor.

No needle stitching away.


And that’s THREE! It’s been hours. Nothing completed. And now the machine has decided to be contrary.

I check the power connection. It feels solid. Pull it off and reconnect.

I press the foot pedal again.


No silence around me as the air is filled with painful utterances. I’m down to a very short amount of “free time” left. It would be nice to complete something. Anything.

I press the foot pedal again. Still nothing.

As I pick up my glass of warm water where the ice has slowly disappeared, I notice the light is not on.

The light is not on.

Silly me.

I had turned the power switch off.

Of course the foot pedal was inactive.

Strike three on Friday the thirteenth was ALL on me.

No light. Power off. No foot pedal! What a ditzy move!

And now an easy solution to what had seemed like a schedule-altering, impossible to recover from, Friday the thirteenth comedy of errors.

How was your Friday the 13th? Were you anxious about the possibilities of ill fate? Did you even recognize the enormity of the date?


Frigga being the name of the Norse goddess for whom “Friday” is named and triskaidekaphobia meaning fear of the number thirteen.Jan 13, 2011

Google definition


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13 responses

  1. Not much to note from 5/13, but I do enjoy reading about your sewing mishaps. The thing is that those sorts of things could happen to me on any given day.

    1. It truly is “sometimers” instead of Alzheimers. Grace or mistakes could be my middle name!

  2. I always enjoy asking my class if they suffer from triskaidekaphobia- this year none seem to. Our day was busy with the fifth graders visiting sixth grade (secondary school on the same campus). At least you managed a humorous slice- although I am sure the chain of events may not have felt funny at the time!

    1. Frustrating as always when it’s my human error. Laughable LATER!

  3. I loved reading this because of all the step by step details you included. So clear. Then I chuckled when you mention it is Friday, the 13th!! You are really talented at writing about sewing. I am sure your quilts must be stunning!

    1. Scary that I stopped sewing for over 30 years and then returned for quilting!

  4. Totally frustrating, but an easy fix once the cause for the problem was discovered. Glad it was noting more than the power strip not being turned on.

    1. The silly and so easy things … often the last thing we check. But in the list of things for the day, it seemed ominous at the time!

  5. New word! Good word. I’m sorry you had such a frustrating sewing 🧵 situation. I look to quilting to calm me down, not add to my stress. Your descriptions helped me to really feel this one. A jinxed Friday the 13th.

    1. Some days are smooth sailing.
      Other days …. not so much!!!

  6. Larkin Meehan | Reply

    Oh man, I’m glad I didn’t realize it was Friday the 13th or I totally would have let it get to me! I love that you said, ‘were you anxious about the possibilities of ill fate’. I feel like it’s rarely that my luck is actually bad… but that I’m stressed enough about bad luck that little hinderances have bigger meaning. I’m glad the sewing machine is back in business!

    1. So true. No extra stress needed!
      Thanks, Larkin.

  7. What a frustrating day! I’m glad your sewing machine was just turned off and not broken.

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