#SOL18: Signs of Spring

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Signs of Spring

What do I see?

I see slivers of green

peeking through the brown grass

in the yard, the fields, and along the road.

Hopeful for fresh asparagus, daffodils and mushrooms.

What do I hear?

I hear choruses of birds

loud and excited

quiet and steadily constant.

Hopeful for woodpeckers and their staccato beat.

What do I smell?

I smell the earth

fresh-plowed and ready for seeds

anticipating the new growth.

Hopeful for abundant, fruitful crops to feed the world.

What do I feel?

I feel the sun’s rays

as day temps finally rise to 70s

and nights remain in the 50s.

Hopeful for no more sleet, slush, or snow.

Signs of Spring

What signs of spring are present in your region? 

How will you celebrate spring?

Thank you, Betsy, Beth, Deb, Kathleen, Kelsey, Lanny, Melanie, and Stacey for this weekly forum. Check out the writers, readers and teachers here.                                                                                                      slice of life 2016

27 responses

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to finally see those signs of spring? I, for one, am appreciating them even more this year. Here’s to the greening of the land and the singing of the birds! Happy Spring!

    1. It seems like spring took forever this year! Love that “greening of the land” . . . it’s a sure sign of spring!

  2. I can’t wait for spring!! I will get outside for lots of walks (until my allergies attack me).

    1. I agree! It’s time! So ready for snow to be over!

  3. Yes – finally indeed! Your words awaken my senses. Spring is here! And I’m jumping for joy!

    1. Christine,
      Yes. The energy of spring!!!

  4. A touch of forsythia and crocus are peaking out. The tree in the courtyard has started to leaf out. Our friends the robins litter the yard. Welcome Spring.

    1. I’m not sure if I know what forsythia looks like. Many trees wanted to “bud” about two snows ago . . .

      1. Bush with yellow flowers

  5. What we planted
    remains hidden,
    small seeds of
    writing still slumbering
    in the sun.

    — Kevin, inspired by your poem

    1. Love that, Kevin!
      “slumbering in the sun” ❤

  6. I can tell it is spring here because lawnmowers are out. I am so ready for bright sunshine and warmer temperatures.

    1. YES to lawnmowers, sunshine and warm temps!

  7. It must be wonderful to welcome spring with all its beauty after the winter season. We do not have any winter, only monsoon and summer season. The weather is becoming hotter and we are waiting for the rains, it usually starts in the first week of June.

    1. Sometimes we go straight from winter to summer. I love the four seasons but winter has lingered way too long this year!

      1. Yes I have been reading about this by blogger friends.

  8. Here in Wisconsin, our temperatures are stretching into the 50s and 60s-yea! I saw some crocuses peeking through the ground, robins busily looking for worms, and squirrels playing chase! Happy Spring!

    1. Slowly each day another sign appears! Patience! 🙂

  9. My cherry tree is almost to bursting. A few more warm days should do it. Winter has definitely overstayed her welcome. Thanks for sharing your sensory poem! I like how you structured each to let us know how hope is at your heart.

    1. Rose,
      So true . . .”Winter has definitely overstayed her welcome.” Hope springs eternal. Perfect season for hope.

  10. Clare Landrigan | Reply

    I could have used this in a demo lesson today — what a perfect observation doors poem. Boston has not caught up to you yet — no blooms in sight!!! Fingers crossed for this weekend.

    1. Clare,
      The colorful blooms are slow to appear but soon. . . yes, this weekend! Such a great day for poetry!

  11. Fran, this poem is so full of hope and light. It literally lifted my spirits to read it tonight. Thank you!

    1. You are welcome, Lanny. I’m ready for all the hope that comes with spring and “new growth”!

  12. We too are FINALLY experiencing spring, Fran! And inching our way to 70 degree days.. but for now, I will rejoice in 60 degree days and NO MORE SNOWPANTS AND BOOTS! I swear I have added 15 instructional minutes to my days 🙂

    1. Easy addition of time with no snowpants and boots! 🙂

  13. […] posts about spring: 2018 and here, and […]

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