#SOLSC21: Change

Collecting quotes and inspiration remains my constant.

“You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.”

Magnifying Glass, 03.30.2021.

It’s the 31st consecutive day of blogging.

Habits changed.

I wrote and commented every day during the month of March.

That’s a change that I have been a part of for eight years.

By the end of March, my fear of the “publish” button is lessened.

It’s the 31st consecutive day of blogging.

My beliefs remain constant.

Teachers of writing must be writers.

Participating in the TWT March #SOL is one way for teachers to write in a community.

This graphic from Melanie Meehan and Kelsey Sorum (The Responsive Writing Teacher) says so much!

But teachers of writing must also be readers and commenters, too.

It’s the 31st consecutive day of blogging.

I am a writer.

What have you practiced for 31 days? Writing? Feedback Comments? Drafting More Mentor Texts? What’s your plan?


Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this daily forum during the month of March. The community is so supportive! Check out the writers and readers here.

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 3.12.16 AM.png

12 responses

  1. I really like how you anchored this post with the quotes. This writing challenge definitely changes us, but, as you pointed out, it also reinforces some of of beliefs and habits. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Cara. I can’t always find the exact quote I wanted but I can find something similar! Congratulations, yourself!

  2. Fran, as always, your posts always are informative and pose thoughtful questions. I, too, tend to fear the “publish” button, but the support of this community takes that fear away. Thank you for all of your comments on my posts.

    1. I believe a little fear makes us cautious not catatonic when it comes to hitting the publish button so that’s not all bad. You are welcome!

      I have really enjoyed your writing and your quilt craftsmanship. Spectacular!

  3. I haven’t posted every day and didn’t even start until Mid-March. And I didn’t respond to your thoughtful posts as often as I should have. Still, I agree that daily writing is a must for any writing teacher, and for most of us truly. Thank you for posing such good questions every day.

    1. You are welcome, Diane. It was fun to reconnect with you during March.

  4. I love your questions, Fran. Yes, teachers of writers must be teachers who write. Blogging is a great way for teachers to be writers, connect with others, read other bloggers’ posts, and offer response. See you on Tuesdays! Thanks so much!

    1. You are welcome, Lynne. You’ve had some great posts this month that I’ve sent on to teachers. So many ways for teachers to be readers and writers!!!

  5. Fran,
    Congrats on another year!!!I have enjoyed our journey this year. You were like Melanie said – in my “clusters; slicers who show up at about the same time each day”. It brought me comfort as I posted during my breakfast and then also see you posting around the same time. You are “my tribe” And here I quoted Melanie and you posted her lovely image! Great minds thinking alike and doing. I reflected on my month and realized I got better at adding more interactivity to my blog postings. I had fun adding hyperlinks and photo slideshows. This summer, I want to teach myself MORE about the wordpress features. So fun to spend a month working on what we both love. Have a lovely Springtime. Fingers crossed that soon we can physically cross paths! I’ll “look” for you tonight at Supper Club!!

    1. Congrats!
      I loved your summary post. I thought of that last night but not enough time as I’ve already launched into several projects.

      Our parallels this summer have been striking! Although I’m not at a beach house, the words from Melanie are precious. She’s so on target!

      I was beginning to think I knew something about WordPress until the format changed so I too need to push myself to learn more.

      See you at Supper Club!!!

  6. Is planning the summer book club the wrong answer???!!! Just kidding! I look forward to doing more on my own. I look forward to my fingers easily refinding their way across the keyboard. I look forward to posting on Tuesday and blogging about books. Then, there’s also my book deadline I need to focus on as well…. I think I may have too many plans.

    1. Ohh, book deadline. I CANT WAIT TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THAT! You will be back up to speed very soon!

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