#NCTE14: Story as the Landscape of Knowing

All good things must end. But must they really?

What if we added another day to NCTE?

What if we wrote another chapter?

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 What was the story of NCTE14?

Everyone at NCTE14 was the author of their own story:  where they came from, why they came, what they wanted to learn, and what they learned.  Each person was able to write his/her own story to share (or not) upon return to classrooms, colleges, and family across the country.

What story will I share?

Members of NCTE are dedicated teachers who spent an entire weekend soaking up knowledge from their peers.  They laughed (a la Lester Laminack), they cried (Marian Wright Edelman) and rejoiced as stories boldly claimed learning paths for the children of this great nation.   Our students are our hope and our future.  We must nurture them and encourage them ALL to grow.

What if?

A theme of inquiry filled the hearts and souls of participants.  Everyone was seeking knowledge and affirmation and yet also questioning that we are on the path of learning – that right path for our students.

Our panel presentation

panel title






The Storytellers









 What if?

Vicki Vinton  asked what if teachers explored their curiosity?

I (Fran) asked what if Know and Wonder charts were used with text to explore understanding (and not text dependent interrogations)?

Julieanne asked what if students were asked how read alouds helped them in their independent reading?

Steve asked what if students search for theme and bigger ideas in informational texts?

Mary Lee asked what if students blogged to increase community?

(See Steve’s post here or  Mary Lee Hahn’s  for additional information about our session as well as Kim and Jan’s post here!)

Have you asked “What If?” lately?

How are you embracing your curiosity?



17 responses

  1. Love the way you ORGANIZED (because I truly know that about you now!) your thinking.

    On the drive back to Ohio today (after some playtime in DC), I’ll do some offline processing so I can jump back into the conversation later this week.

    1. Thanks, Mary Lee!
      One of the best things about our panel was getting to know both you and Steve online as well as now our face to face connections and conversations! You were one busy lady at NCTE! Many, many activities that you were involved in – and now I know that about you! Travel safely!

  2. I am so sad I couldn’t stay for your session. What an amazing panel! So great to see you, Fran. Until next time! (Though of course I’ll see you online lots.)

    1. Anna,
      It was so great to meet you and also hear you present. What a wealth of knowledge you have! It’s so fun to see that so many of us (no matter where we are in the country) are working on fairly similar goals for reading and writing.

      And yes, definitely looking forward to “next time”!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience at NCTE14. I can tell it was a fabulous experience for you. And I am so proud to call you my friend and colleague!

    1. Allison,
      Thank you, my friend. That means a lot! ❤

      (Start planning for Minneapolis next November!)

      1. Oh, Fran! Was already wondering where the next NCTE would be… was going to research it today. Minneapolis is now on MY radar. 🙂 Thanks again for so much inspiration via tweets and posts.

      2. You are welcome, Robin. I always appreciate Tweets from afar so I understand how helpful learning can be even when we are at home!

  4. While I’m still processing what I got out of this trip, I can’t wait for the next one! Addictive. I feel so lucky, honored to be a part of this experience.

    1. Julieanne,
      I know . . . so much to consider. Still thinking about both shame and bullying and the whole “be kind” message on Sunday!

      Interesting that the more we learn, the more we crave learning!

  5. “Julieanne asked what if students were asked how read alouds helped them in their independent reading?”

    I DO ask this question! 😉

    1. Robin,
      It’s such a great question because it also gets to the heart of my One Little Word, “transfer”!

  6. Oh Fran, it’s hard to read these posts about sessions I missed. The whole decision-making thing about choosing sessions was overwhelming. I knew I should have joined Tara for your session! Thanks for the links to the other posts. Not sure that I’ll make it to Minneapolis, but planning on Atlanta in 2016! It was fun to meet you at the slicer dinner – I love the idea of a slicer badge!

    1. Ramona,
      I agree that making session selections was hard. I hated when the room was full and I had to make a different choice (although that only happened at my first and last sessions). A lot of great learning during sessions and in our continued conversations, blogs and tweets! Love that this is truly a “never ending story!”

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  9. […] In 2014, it was a Friday presentation described here. […]

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