#SOL15: March Challenge Day 5 Anticipation

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Today’s a big day at work.   Well, they are all big days!  But in a few hours approximately 200 teachers and administrators will be filing in for professional development around K-3 literacy:  specifically, Instructional Practices, Iowa Core ELA Standards, Assessment for Learning,  and Quality Interventions for Fluency K-3.  Huge day!   Big topics that merit full days but we, literacy team, have five hours of learning delivered simultaneously in three locations.

Pre-training check:

Facilitation guide – yes

Handouts – yes

Sorting Envelopes  –  yes

Signs for walls – yes

Internet access  pages –  yes

Table tents – yes

Sign in sheets – yes

DVD  for demo – yes

Google form for feedback – yes

All materials linked on google site – yes

Weather – COLD, but nothing WET!

Why am I awake so early?  

It must be the anticipation of a GREAT learning day!  It  can’t be “anxiousness” about the event; an event to be streamed through technology (zoom) to three sites. No pressure . . . No stress  . . . No worries . . . Just fabulous  learning, RIGHT?

The alternative?


I choose anticipation!

25 responses

  1. Good luck with your presentation today! Really like your graphic, will have to borrow it to use on my campus as we enter the “standardized testing zone”.

    1. Thanks! It’s well planned but that doesn’t mean that problems don’t emerge . . . pesky details!

  2. I had a Skype author visit yesterday and woke up early in anticipation, not anxiousness. I knew it would be good, and it was. Anticipation is making me wait. Isn’t that a commercial for something?

    1. Song lyrics, isn’t it? I really wanted that extra 30 minutes of sleep before the alarm was going to go off! Thanks for commenting, Margaret!

  3. What a great day ahead! Anticipation is eyeing the presents under the tree Christmas morning. You are the gift to the educators today. Have fun!

    1. Oh, I love that Christmas present analogy . . . Totally fun today! ❤

  4. Oh Fran I know this feeling! You captured it so well.

    1. Thanks, Anna! It’s kind of a catch 22 . . . good to be a bit anxious!

  5. Sounds like you have a well planned and exciting day ahead of you. Anticipation does start the juices flowing as Carly Simon said in her song.

    1. Oh, yes, a Carly Simon song!

  6. Looking forward to hearing about your day. Tomorrow’s blog post? Anticipation for great learning is a wonderful feeling. You captured it well!


    1. I will say coming SOON! More details!

  7. Such excitement – wish I was there, but hope (know, actually!) that you will share more tomorrow!

    1. Thanks, Tara!
      Tomorrow is Friday . . . it may be a day or two!

  8. I can never sleep before a big event. I can’t even sleep when we are well into a Summer Institute and I keep drinking coffee. Good thing we are getting ready for Cancun. CHILL!!!

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! Cancun . . . sounds so warm!!!

  9. The night before pd feels like the night before Christmas as a child. How did it go?

    1. Great learning opportunities! Time to interact is always tricky to guess. Modeled some really GREAT instruction and those points paid off!

  10. I wish I had been at your professional learning session! Was anybody tweeting your wisdom? 😉 Hope everything went well.

    1. Susan,
      The day went well! Great team effort to try and show how so many parts to instruction impact the learning! Not a “tweeting” group!

  11. I agree that anticipation is better than anxiety, and I’m sure your sessions were great, Fran! Looking forward to hearing all about your day.

    1. Catherine,
      Just like Hermione, there are days when we need to stretch the time! Great day . . . more to come!

  12. I sure hope you write about how it went in a future slice! It sounds like there were lots of possibilities for learning.

    1. Thanks, Erin, and I will, but maybe not tomorrow . . .a different kind of busy!

  13. […] Today’s story is the final installment in this week’s recounting of a focused professional development opportunity that our literacy team developed and delivered that included Quality Instructional Practices, ELA Iowa Core Standards and Assessment for Learning.  To recap, the first post began with much Anticipation on Day 5. […]

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