#SOLSC20: Day 18

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If you have been following my Slice of Life stories, you may have seen that I am embarking on a new learning adventure this month.  The real work began today, after I stopped at a shop quick to pick up one more pattern to fit in with the others.

If I had read the directions . . .

I would have known it began with a panel of four pictures

and that a second “frame” was in the print

and not an additional pattern. 


First mistake and I have NOT yet begun!

Getting started . . .


Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 10.34.04 PM

The first three fabrics

  1. Straighten the edge.
  2. Check the required shape and size on the pattern.
  3. Double check measurements. (Measure twice; cut once)
  4. Organize cut pieces AND remnants.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for fabric two.
  6. Repeat steps 1-4 for fabric three.
Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 10.35.24 PM

#5. Cut 8 strips


3 fabrics cut

7. Admire the work done.

8. Acknowledge the work of planning and prepping.

9. Organize for tomorrow.

Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 10.35.58 PM

On deck . . .

What does this remind you of?

Collecting the resources.

Reading the directions.

Prepping the resources.



At the mid point . . . three more sets of varying width of strips to be cut.

What steps did you see in the process?





As I begin to learn about the processes involved in quilting, I can assure you that the process is similar to that in writing. So far, it feels like a ton of advance preparation!

Why does this matter?

New learning is tough. Some learners are cautious and slowly enter the shallows. Some learners jump right into the deep end. Some float easily. Some thrash frantically. There isn’t just ONE way.  There are many paths to learning!

What new learning are you in the midst of?

What processes seem familiar? 

What unknowns cause anxiety and discomfort? 

How does your experience impact you?

(The reveal of this upcoming project was in this slice. (Link)

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this daily forum in March. Check out the writers and readers here.

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16 responses

  1. Yes what a great comparison and the key is the preparation! I guess we are all in the midst of new learning right now, how to do the best for our students while they’re at home…

  2. Yeah for learning something new! I self-taught myself how to knit… kind of. I made many mistakes as I learned. Can’t wait to see your finished project!

    1. Noel, I can’t imagine self-teaching knitting and I know how. Wow! Kudos to you! There is something in the “challenge” of attempting something new. My timeline is ambitious!

  3. After I retired I decided to take piano lessons. I never got really good, but it was a challenge and I enjoyed it. I think practice is an important ingredient in new learning too. Practice and learning from errors. Thanks for the reminder of why we should all me life long learners.

    1. Diane,
      Challenges are important. When we want something, we can do it. And maybe we can and should define our criteria for ‘success”. Why do external folks always want to quantify and label us?

      1. Fran, you always make me stop and think.

  4. Hi Fran! I’m sorry I’ve not been around your blog this challenge! Love this line: “New learning is tough.” I agree. I feel like the new learning for me is right around the corner…how to serve as a literacy specialist for a school from home, while making sure my three young children are engaged with some math and literacy in the same home? Should pose a formidable challenge. Hope you’re well!

    1. Lanny,
      You will rise to the challenge but do remember to embrace the messiness along the way. It may not be pretty!

  5. I love how much nonfiction writing you included in this piece. And so glad you added photos as a text feature! Then you got me to notice how something I know – writing workshop – can be transferred to a craft like quilting. Brilliant!! Can’t wait to see the final product. However, I also know the importance of the phase you are in now – the process! Keep at it!!

    1. Sally,
      Thanks for the encouragement. How do striving students keep going when all of work/life/school is an uphill battle?

  6. We had a couple of quilting stories in our reading series at school. Our team would organize a unit around quilting. Kathy would often come in and teach a lesson for our math teacher involving measuring and cutting and some of those weird sizes needed to make a perfect 12 inch block.

    1. Interesting that quilting stories were in your reading series. My appreciation for quilters rises daily! (And boy do they have tools and gadgets!)

  7. This is an apt comparison for us as we are all back to “square” one (pun intended) in some ways. I am wondering now about what else has put me “back to basics” as it is those lessons that will lead up through this time. Thank you for framing it this way!

    1. Love ‘square one” pun, Morgan! I continued to think on this and that led to a connected Day 19 post!

  8. New learning is tough.
    I am struggling with technology, especially now.
    And quilting would be a huge challenge for me.
    Your post is great.

    1. Thanks so much! It’s always our response to challenges. Your reply had me thinking about challenges last night and quilting was / is a huge challenge because I want to so get it right!

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