#SOLSC23: Enough

Which definition fits? What’s the context?

Source: dictionary.com

I’ve had enough.

Which of the four definitions above is the best fit?

2023 has been an interesting year. As per usual: January had 31 days, February had 28 days and today is March 28. So that equals 89 days. Today is the 89th day of 2023. Fact.

In the 88 days leading up to today, there have been 130 mass shootings in the US. That’s 1.48 for each day and 10.36 for each week.


No more students dying.

No more teachers dying.

No more janitors dying.

No more assault weapons in US schools.

Increase mental health services.

Take away NRA’s 501.c3. status.

Stop the current incivility in the US

.Increase your circle of friends.

Increase your compassion.

It’s time to take action!

How can you have an impact? Who can you talk to? What will you encourage them to do? Who do you need to connect with?


Thank you,

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20 responses

  1. Your poem is perfect. Husband and I just had this conversation…enough is enough!

  2. So past enough- it is heartbreaking and infuriating and impossible to explain to people where I am.

    1. Impossible to explain anywhere. To be so angry or in such pain that this seems to be a solution is hard to understand.

  3. I knew what this post was going to be, just by your title. It’s a sad state of affairs when one word can describe this issue. I am working hard to reinforce kindness and connection in the library. Maybe, if we can get through to the next generation…enough is enough. One of my worries is that this is yet another reason that we’ll have good teachers leaving the classroom…

    1. Kindness. Wmpathy. Helping others.
      Important to take small steps.

  4. Yes, enough is right! The statistics are just so awful and if we are not careful it could be accepted it as the norm. You end the poem beautifully, “increase your compassion, take action!”

    1. Living by example is a start. We cannot let this become status quo.

  5. I knew what you were saying from your title. I wrote about is as well – even though I did not want to write about this again. I wrote because it is another hole in my network for hope for the future. I agree that we can and should all reach out to others, but I am not sure how to stop this cycle where violence against others is considered an option for the pain in someone’s life?

    1. More work always on conflict resolution and how to disagree without being disagreeable.

  6. I am so discouraged. The Republican party is not going to ban assault weapons. The NRA will never be challenged in a way that makes any difference. What needs to change is the second amendment – the right to bear arms- and that is never going to happen. I hope President Biden can get something through Congress, but I am not going to hold my breath. More security measures for schools instead. Security guards. Arming teachers. Metal gun detectors. Ridiculous – the problem is twofold – we must ban assault weapons and make it very difficult to buy a gun and we must provide better mental health services. Mental illness is becoming a bigger and bigger problem, especially after the isolation caused by covid. I am so very sad about what happened in Tennessee.

    1. Militia and bearing arms.
      Millions of guns … death instruments.
      And yes to mental health services.
      Decreasing the hopelessness and desperation.

  7. Enough. And we knew what you would be writing about. Yesterday I wrote … Again.

    We need to keep on with the questions…
    Until there are answers…

    We need to keep on praying…
    Until there are ANSWERS

    We need to keep on…
    Until there is action…
    Action that brings change

  8. Yes, Fran, enough is enough. There has been so much talk about what needs to be done and so little action taken. It is time to DO.

  9. It’s hard to embrace the good in a day when acts like this continue to occur. Thank you asking questions that spur thoughts to action.

    1. We have to find slivers of action that can move us forward to have a better place for our kids.

  10. Fran, your poem speaks volumes. I am so saddened by yesterday’s shooting, and today I found out Iowa Wesleyan University is closing partly because Governor Reynolds will not provide Covid funding. It’s time to take action is right!

    1. Thanks, Barb.
      The world is crazy.
      Will you bein Dallas or CHA on Friday?
      Go, Hawks!

      1. No. I wish. I work part time at Wesleyan University. Got the sad news that they are closing its doors today. Reynolds wouldn’t provide Covid relief money

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